8 Stunning Tips on How to Reinvent Yourself ...


8 Stunning Tips on How to Reinvent Yourself ...
8 Stunning Tips on How to Reinvent Yourself ...

Reinventing yourself is something many of us long to do. Maybe we´re not happy within ourselves, or we don´t feel that we´ve ever fulfilled our potential. But reinventing yourself is entirely possible, if you really want to be a new you. So here are some ace tips to show you how to reinvent yourself …

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Be Bold

Reinvention doesn´t come without some courage. You have to learn to be bold, even if it´s not easy. People may disapprove or comment on your new reinvention – but what does it matter? So be brave, be bold, and start your journey to a new you!



One of the attributes that we´re not taught is self-belief. In the UK in particular it is considered arrogant to have self-confidence and believe that you are capable of achieving whatever you want. Reinventing yourself means getting rid of those doubts if you are going to achieve your goal of becoming what you want to be.


Never Too Late

People have this terrible tendency to believe that life has passed them by, and that you have to achieve certain things by a certain age. If they don´t, they think it´s too late. Not so! Just about everything you could ever want to do is achievable whenever you want, so never think that it´s too late for you.


Seek Advice

Mentors are very useful when you´re aiming to reinvent yourself. Do you know a person whose business or personal attributes you would like to emulate? Ask their advice as you work on changing yourself. Follow the example of a well-known person you admire. Or use a book by an author whose style appeals to you.



The process of reinventing yourself requires a lot of determination. People may even try to hold you back; often those around you don´t like the fact that you are changing when they can´t find the will to do so. Stick with your plans; you want to be a new person, you can, and you will.



It´s also important to remember that reinvention takes time and cannot be accomplished overnight. You can´t just decide that you are going to be different, and wake up the next morning completely transformed! Be prepared to work at changing your way of thinking, seeing and doing things.


What do You Want to Be?

If you want to know how to reinvent yourself, you must first know what and who you want to be. Do you want to be more outgoing, more successful, dynamic, worry less? You can´t become a new person without knowing where you want to go, so identify the characteristics that you would like to adopt.


Convince Yourself

Finally, if you are going to convince other people that you are a new person, you must first be able to convince yourself. This may involve putting on an act at first and projecting an image that you don´t quite believe, but it will come with practise. After a while, you will see yourself as more confident and successful, and so will others!

If you long to be different, but didn´t know how to reinvent yourself, it´s absolutely possible! Becoming a new, improved you takes time and dedication, but if you continue to work on it you will get there. You can change your life quite dramatically if you want to. Have you ever set about reinventing yourself, and how did people react to the new you?

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This is a alsome web site

8 Stunning Tips on How to Reinvent Yourself ...love this - a must read! (via Twitter)

Wtf..." In the UK in particular it is considered arrogant to have self-confidence and believe that you are capable of achieving whatever you want. " Umm why did you just single out the UK????

So needs to be me to timid

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