7 Steps to Writing an Angry Letter and Moving on ...


Writing an angry letter is an emotionally healthy choice you can make to deal with anger that you are holding inside. Many times, you have anger at someone over a relationship that has happened over a period of time that left you with a lot of emotional wounds. Writing an angry letter can help you to process and release those feelings, and no one but you will ever know what the letter contained. It can make you feel so much better inside.

1. Decide to Write One

The first step of writing an angry letter is deciding to really write one. This can actually be a hard step because it means that you are admitting you are very angry with someone and that you have been deeply hurt. You are being brave enough to face that feeling and give it voice rather than stuffing it down inside. You are taking the time to deal with your anger rather than ignore it and repress it where it can rise up and hurt you later. This is a very healthy decision for you emotionally.

Write It Unedited and Untimed
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