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I know we've all experienced those red-faced moments of humiliation and were left wondering how to quickly recovering from that embarrassing moment. As someone who grew up easily embarrassed, I can safely say that no one desires to have those emotions planted on your face for the world to see! Some people are hardly ever embarrassed while others blush at even conversing with people they don't know. Wherever you fall, here are some practical ways to recover from an embarrassing moment that may help you even prevent future occurrences!

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Take a Deep Breath

One of the best things you can do to recover from an embarrassing moment is to remember to breathe. Take deep breaths, slow down your heart rate and you'll naturally relax your anxious emotions. In the moment it's easier said than done, however when you stop to focus on your breath, even if briefly, the embarrassment will subside much quicker!


Smile and Laugh

If we can't laugh at ourselves then who can, right? Sometimes humiliating things are actually funny, albeit embarrassing. Tripping in public, passing gas, having food stuck in your teeth- these are all common life-moments that are funny to the onlooker but embarrassing for the "victim." If you can laugh it up, smile big and say something funny and witty, you're guaranteed to feel less embarrassed and may have a positive experience instead!


Look Away Briefly or Change Positions

Distractions are sometimes all it takes to breeze over an unpleasant moment. Look away, search for something in your purse or change positions if you're sitting down. Little distractions can quickly make you feel more at ease because your mind and body aren't sitting still, directly absorbing the information all at once.


Don't Make a Scene

Whatever you do, don't make a scene. Don't show anger, or become defensive or even walk away because this can draw more unwanted attention to you. Instead, downplay the situation and use one of the above methods like smiling and laughing. Once the moment has passed, you'll look back with ease instead of regretting doing something irrational or emotionally charged.


Learn How to Cope with Fear

Some people are simply more prone to social anxiety and fear and can become embarrassed more readily in casual situations. This was me years ago and I'm happy to say that I've overcome it for the most part! Shyness is generally related to fear- fear of being seen as something less that what we want of ourselves. Learning to cope with your fear and anxiety will allow you to process your emotions in a way that doesn't constantly show up on your face or in your body language. Managing your fear over time will allow you to be LESS fearful!


Your Mindset is Key

Embarrassment is all in the way you perceive a situation, how you're wired and what your personality is like. Whatever your unique qualities may be, remember that your mindset is key in controlling your emotional state. If you believe something isn't embarrassing, it won't be when it happens. Remind yourself WHY something isn't embarrassing and it simply won't be a big deal when it arises!


Why Are You Embarrassed?

Lastly, you should ask yourself why you're embarrassed in the first place. What specific things cause you to be uneasy and anxious? Perhaps it's public speaking or being the center of attention. If you know what your triggers are, you can remind yourself that people are just people and that we all have fears and worries just the same! As it is, others around you aren't constantly thinking about your embarrassing moments and judging you- we do that all on our own!

I know when embarrassing things happen, it can feel like you want to crawl under a rock and die. Embarrassing moments can be totally debilitating if you let them be. Remember that as soon as it's over, most people don't go on thinking about how awful it was or how embarrassed you seemed to be! Do you have any remedies for quickly getting past awkward and embarrassing moments?

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