9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Wardrobe ...


9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Wardrobe ...
9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Wardrobe ...

Spring cleaning tips are always helpful for sorting out your seasonal wardrobe. Transitioning from a winter to spring wardrobe can get a bit messy, but these tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe will hopefully get you sorted for the season ahead. Whether you want to create a clutter-free space or overhaul your entire wardrobe, take a look at a few spring cleaning tips below.

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Cull the Clutter

This spring cleaning tip is the first step to getting your new season wardrobe sorted. Now, I know this is easier said than done, but cull any clothing that you don’t wear anymore. Sort your clothes into the ones you have on high rotation and the ones you don’t. Anything that is ill-fitting or unworn in the second pile needs to go. Be ruthless.


Rotate for the Season

Despite the weather warming up, the spring climate can still be quite cool. Introduce more lightweight fabrics into your wardrobe but still keep an array of knits or lighter jackets and blazers. Keep only one or two coats on rotation. Keeping a season appropriate wardrobe is a good idea as it reduces ‘noise’ created from non-seasonal appropriate clothing. All your outfit choices are right there in front of you and you don’t have to sort through heavy knits etc.


Store Heavy Winter Layers

Store any knits or coats that you won’t be wearing this coming season. Heavy winter layers can take up quite a bit of space, so this spring cleaning tip is also handy for reducing clutter in your wardrobe. Store items you won’t be wearing under your bed, for example, and within easy reach just in case there is a cold snap!


Switch to Slim Hangers

I’ve talked a fair bit about space saving and de-cluttering, and switching to slim hangers is another option for doing so. While wooden hangers may look great, they tend to take up a fair bit of room. Switching to slim grip hangers such as those with felt covers can free up a lot of wardrobe space. They also look uniform and neat.


Itemise Your Clothing

Everyone has their own system or tips when it comes to organising their wardrobes. If you’re going to spend the time to spring clean your wardrobe then you may as well go all out and organise it as best you can, right? My tip is to group similar items together, and then to organise by colour within each group. This way you’ll know where particular items are and be able to reach straight for them.


Choose Key Shades

Keep your seasonal wardrobe limited to a few key shades. This will ensure that most items will be interchangeable, allowing for a greater number of outfit options. Neutrals are a staple, but choose a few trend-based shades to get you through the season as well.


Organise Your Accessories

Once you’ve got all your clothing sorted, what about your accessories? Hanging organisers are great for storing things like scarves and belts, stackable trays for rings and other jewellery, and clear shoe boxes for well, shoes. There are a wide variety of storage options and ideas out there, both in store and those that are DIY-able.


Re-stock Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve culled, sorted, and organised; it’s time to assess what’s missing from your wardrobe. They could be basics like t-shirts and jeans, or more seasonal or trend based items such as a lightweight blazer or graphic printed dress. When you go shopping, keep these things in mind so you don’t make any frivolous purchases.


Maintain It

To prevent having to do any more major overhauls, maintain your wardrobe space by taking thirty minutes at the end of each week to organise it and get it back to order. Another spring cleaning tip is once you’re done with something, put it away immediately so you don’t have to deal with the mess later!

These spring cleaning tips will hopefully help you create a functional wardrobe space. When it comes to tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe, remember that reducing clutter is key. What’s your best spring cleaning tip?

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