7 Spectacular Things Women Should Get More Credit for ...


There are things women should get more credit for, because men don't always realize all of the ridiculous things we're stuck dealing with on a daily basis. It's hard work being a woman, even if we make it appear easy. You might not think about it often, because you're so accustomed to living the way that you do, but here are some of the many things women should get more credit for dealing with:

1. Dealing with Social Standards

Yes, men have standards to deal with, too, but the pressure on women is stronger. We're supposed to look a certain way, behave a certain way, and talk to men in a certain way. One of the things women should get more credit for is dealing with being told what we should look like if we want to be considered 'beautiful.' It can be incredibly stressful, but we still manage to carry on.

Lugging around Heavy Pocketbooks
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