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7 Best Places in the World to Be a Woman ...

By Corina

Because gender equality is still a sensitive issue in some parts of the world, you might be tempted to ask yourself what are the best places in the world to be a woman. I used to volunteer in some projects that advocated for equality and human rights, and that’s why I wanted to approach this topic. Even though, sadly, in some countries women are having a lot of problems just for being women, there are also a lot of other best places in the world to be a woman.

1 Iceland

A lot of studies have shown the fact that among the best places in the world to be a woman, the most suitable is Iceland, a country that apparently has the greatest equality between men and women if you take into account different fields like education, politics, health and employment. How lucky for the women of Iceland!

2 Sweden

Another wonderful country that supports equality between genders is Sweden. This amazing country even has different institutions that have as a main objective to support and advocate equality between men and women, institutions like The Swedish Arts Council or The Swedish Film Institute that launched different initiatives to improve gender equality in the arts. Also, Sweden is the best place for women in what concerns their right to choose.

3 Luxembourg

Studies have shown the fact that Luxembourg (followed very closely by Norway) is the best place for women to earn money. In this country, there are no differences between men and women in what concerns the size of their paycheck and that’s why, men and women are as likely to earn the same amount of money. Well, that’s only fair!

4 Denmark

The lucky women of Denmark have more time for doing pleasant things, for hobbies and for leisure, because they apparently spend only 57 more minutes each day on unpaid work (like different chores around the house, cooking or cleaning) than men. In comparison, studies show that British women spend two hours more per day doing unpaid work than men and Mexican women even spend four hours and 21 minutes more on unpaid work than men.

5 Sri Lanka

Another one of the best places in the world to be a woman nowadays is Sri Lanka, a country that has been run by women for 24 years (wow!). There are a lot of countries, just like my own, that haven’t even had a women as head of government, so that’s why I could even say I quite envy the women of Sri Lanka for having so much decisional power.

6 Japan

Studies have shown the fact that the women in Japan have the longest life expectancy in the world (they live around 87 years, seven years more than the men in Japan). Wow, how lucky for them! I hope that soon enough, thanks to all those different discoveries in medicine and pharmaceuticals, I would be able to say that about every country in the world.

7 Rwanda

Another beautiful country where women have a lot of decisional power is Rwanda, which is the only nation where women represent the majority in the Parliament. In this country, women hold 45 out of the 80 seats. How lucky for them! Sadly, there are some countries in the world where women are not even present in the Parliament. Hopefully, this thing will change in the near future.

Nowadays it’s not particularly easy to be a woman in most countries in the world, but still, there are a few wonderful places where women have the same rights as men and where you could consider yourself quite lucky to be a woman. What other best places in the world to be a woman do you know? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section!

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