8 Songs to Relax to ...

By Ashley

8 Songs to Relax to ...

We pick our music to match our mood, and sometimes we just need songs to relax to. I live and die by my music and so I have playlists for just about every mood I could be in. Here is my favorite list of songs to relax to when I just need some time off from the world.

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1 Glow in the Dark by TyDi Feat. Kerli

Out of all the songs to relax to this is my favorite. I swear, I put this one on repeat sometimes and just listen to it a million times through. There’s something about the electronic beats that’s lulling, plus Kerli’s voice is saccharine as she sings. A definite must-have for any relaxing playlist.

2 You Picked Me by a Fine Frenzy

Alison Sudol's voice is a sweet croon over her soft piano and backing instruments. Whenever I listen to this song I’m just in a state of contentment. A Fine Frenzy is one of my favorite musicians as all her songs are that same in their gentleness, and You Picked Me is my personal favorite.

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3 Here She Comes by Kai Altair

This song is a guilty pleasure of mine. Here She Comes is not your typical song, it’s more of an ethereal trance kind of song, but it never fails to relax me. Kai is an entrancing songstress as her vocals meet the beat of the music. This song is my go-to song for when I’m too hyped up and need to calm down.

4 Male Version of Me by Gabby Young

Gabby Young has such a unique sounding voice, and a very distinct songwriting style. I’m really not sure how to explain why I love this song so much, I just know that listening to it sometimes lying in bed in the darkness is the ultimate sense of calm.

5 Bluebird by Christina Perri

After "Jar of Hearts," Christina Perri solidified herself as one of my favorite artists. And Bluebird has become my favorite song of hers. Her voice is so beautiful, and she sings so earnestly.

6 Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

While I’m not the biggest Lana Del Rey fan, I can’t deny that I like this song. She sings in an almost lazy way, just letting the words flow into each other. But this helps in relaxing, because after awhile it all just becomes beautiful background noise.

7 Be Brave by My Brightest Diamond

Be Brave has a completely different feel to it. It’s hard to describe, but the steady beat combined with Shara Worden’s musky vocals create this cloudy atmosphere in my mind. I especially like this song for those days when I feel… off. You know what I mean? It puts me back in the right state of mind.

8 Fidelity by Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor is always the way to go when you want a good piano song. Her quirky lyrics and singing style lend themselves to some gorgeous pieces of music, but Fidelity to me in the perfect relaxing song. It’s softly sung, with a nice melody to hum along with.

Music is the most amazing thing in the world in that it has the ability to manipulate our emotions. This is my list of relaxing songs, but are there any songs you listen to when you want to relax? What are they?

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Oh my stars by Andrew belle

Oblivion by Bastille, and all songs by Bastille are just perfect


Hey there Delilah is amazingb

The band Hem has beautiful, amazing songs to relax to!

Mikky ekko - Pull me down ;) btw hey there delilah is awesome

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