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The internet makes it so easy to waste a few minutes … or a few hours. You can sink into mindless abandonment, be entertained, be educated, talk to random strangers, play games or shop the latest trend. The next time you have some time to waste at work, let your keyboard take you to these places:

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Forums for Whatever Interests You

It may sound like a non-answer, but the fact is that forums have a wealth of information that it almost impossible to find when you try searching on the Internet. Find out why Thor isn’t in the movie Captain American Civil War, and find out why the “lipstick causes cancer” rumor was started. Find secrets from computer games, and find out where the worst Facebook viral rumors came from. The good thing is that forums have such a diverse use, that you can claim you were doing research if you get caught.



It is like Facebook without all the trolling and without the viruses, (there are just too many viruses on Facebook for many people). The GIF animations will make your day, and they do not stream in the same way that Facebook videos do, so you can claim you were on Google+ working and nobody can call you a liar. Or, you can troll some of the debates on there by claiming you are friends with the celebrities they are discussing. George Clooney is always telling me he loves it when I do stuff like that.



Ladies of the Amazon (a Wonder Woman reference for the up and coming 2017 DC movie), welcome to Pinterest, a land populated by women. Over 80% of the accounts on Pinterest are female. Over 90% of the “active” accounts are female, and if you strip out all business-related account (run by men and women), then over 98% of “active” accounts are female. Active accounts are ones used more than 6 times per month. Get your own account, make some boards or find out what your favorite “pinners” are sharing.


At the Useless Web, you are taken to one of their useless websites. It is simply a random website generator that doesn’t have any aim. It takes you to websites that were made purely to kill time. One of the good things about it is that it rarely hits on websites that many companies would flag. For example, porn websites, social media websites, and gambling websites will usually flag something in your boss’s monitoring software, but the Uselessweb brings up websites that are rarely flagged.


Google Images

If you have never spent an evening with the Google Images search engine, then this is how it goes. Type in something that vaguely interests you, such as “Hot guys in butler outfits” and search. Up come all of your results. Click one and you will see “related images” on the right of the image. You can lose hours just jumping from one image to the next without ever having to type anything into the image search engine again.



It seems unfair adding this one because everybody on the planet knows that you can kill time on YouTube. It is well known for being one of those sites to waste time on. Just type in the word “Funny” and click a result. Then, look down the side of the image for all the suggestions and you have plenty of opportunities to kill time.


Rotten Tomatoes

Not only can you search for the top films at the moment, you can find out about new movies that are coming out, find out which are top of the download/rental lists, and you can find out about directors and actors too. You can search for every movie Scarlett Johansson has ever been in and come to terms with the fact the production company took a massive risk casting her as a superhero.


All Women Stalk

The list wouldn’t be complete without this awesome site would it? How many of you are reading this now at work? Where else can you find such fantastic and useful or just plain entertaining info that enriches the lives of women all over the world. Follow your favorite writers, a funny comment or even contribute your own post in AWS Community.

What are your favorite sites to waste time on at work?

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Don't need to read this one but can we please have more productive posts on here? The quality's gone down lately :(

Your employer isn't paying you to waste time...

I never understood why it wasn't All Women's TALK.

I have my list of forums to waste time. It proves helpful at times.

Google+ is becoming my favorite.

Wow. I would love to have time to waste at work.

So it really is All Women Stalk, huh. I knew it was either that or All women's Talk. I like stalk better. :-)

Haha okay I really don't think it's all women stalk .it wouldnt make any sense lol, what does that have to do with anything? x)

Olivia - you can always waste time at lunch or break time. Don't be such a killjoy.

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