7 Simple Ways to Make Someone Smile ...

By Lisa

7 Simple Ways to Make Someone Smile ...

If you know someone who can use some a little sunshine in their life, check out some of these awesome ways to make someone smile! There’s nothing wrong with spreading some cheer wherever you go and who knows, you could really make someone’s day! Hopefully, these simple ways to make someone smile will create a ripple effect and they will touch someone else also!

Table of contents:

  1. smile
  2. compliment someone
  3. spread good gossip
  4. listen
  5. surprise someone
  6. write a letter
  7. be courteous

1 Smile

One of the easiest ways to make someone smile is to smile first! This might sound silly but really, but smile at someone at I bet you’ll brighten their day and even if they don’t smile back, their heart is smiling! Smiling doesn’t cost a thing and literally takes seconds so be generous with your smiles and shower strangers with them!

2 Compliment Someone

Another quick way to make someone smile is to compliment them! You don’t have to walk around thinking up ways to compliment people. Doling out a bunch of fake compliments isn’t cool and most likely the person the receiving end will know it’s not genuine. The next time you see something that catches your eye or you admire, let the other person know!

3 Spread Good Gossip

I’ve never passed up an opportunity to share good things about other people. Whether it’s a compliment or someone shared an accomplishment about someone, I always try to let people know that others are taking notice of them and that they are appreciated. If you hear others saying nice things about a friend, family member or co-worker, let them know; they’ll really appreciate it!

4 Listen

Listening might not elicit an instant smile but this is another one of those things that’ll definitely make someone smile inside. Listening is something that we don’t do enough of in our fast-paced world and taking the time to really listen to someone can really make someone’s day or even week! Whether it’s at work, school or at hanging out with friends, take the time to really listen and you’ve definitely got some good karma coming your way!

5 Surprise Someone

Do you know someone who can use a nice surprise? Why not surprise someone with a little gift, make a phone call or give them a backrub? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to surprise someone and make them smile! Share a funny story, bake some treats for your family or co-workers or help a neighbor with a chore!

6 Write a Letter

These days all we get in the mail are ads, credit card offers and bills. Why not send a hand-written letter or card to a distant relative or friend and lift their spirits?! Emails, texts and Facebook messages are all dandy but letters can be so much more meaningful because you took the time to write it out and send it! You can even send a stranger a nice letter to show them you care, check out moreloveletters.com for more info!

7 Be Courteous

Another way to make someone smile is to be courteous! Hold open a door for someone, greet strangers, allow cars to merge into your lane, make coffee at work or allow people ahead of you in lines at the store. There are so many ways to be courteous and help someone out and most likely the favor will be returned to you one day! What an easy way to make someone feel good!

There are many more ways to make someone smile and this short list just barely scratches the surface! I bet you have your own ideas on how to brighten someone’s day! You can make a huge difference in someone’s day so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity, it’ll paid right back to you in the future!

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