7 Simple Summer Pleasures You Don't Want to Miss ...


The simple pleasures of life are usually things that money can’t buy. They’re moments you want to freeze in time so you can continue cherishing them. Every season has unique simple pleasures. These are some of the fabulous pleasures of summer you’ll want to savor.

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Porch Sitting on Lazy Summer Evenings

Porch Sitting on Lazy Summer Evenings Being raised in the country, I quickly learned the value of this simple summer pleasure. Sitting in a rocker or a porch swing looking out over your corner of the world makes stress melt away. Watching summer storms roll in or the lighting bugs come out while you’re porch sitting is better than watching any movie. If you don’t have a porch or view to enjoy then maybe you could choose a vacation location that allows you to take in some porch sitting. It’s a pleasure you don’t want to miss.


Drinking Freshly Brewed Iced Tea

Drinking Freshly Brewed Iced Tea I’m not a year round iced tea drinker but there’s something that makes it irresistible in the summer. Skip instant varieties and go for the real deal. Make it on the stove with an iced tea maker or my favorite way, in the sun. This link by foodnetwork.com gives you detailed instructions on how to make this refreshing summer beverage.


Listening to the Waves

Listening to the Waves This is my favorite summer pleasure! I don’t know that life can get any better than having your feet in the sand while listening to the sound of waves crashing. It’s one of the most peaceful sounds on earth. This is serenity at its best. Beach therapy cures many of life’s problems!


Walking outside with Wet Hair

Walking outside with Wet Hair If you listen to the old school thought of not going outside when your hair is wet in the winter then you’ll enjoy this simple pleasure of summer. Being a cautious Virgo, I tend to listen to old school wisdom. I always fully dry my hair before going outdoors if the temperature is below 70 so I love the freedom of walking outside with wet hair in the summer. It’s a huge time saver, too. Perfect your blow out in the winter, ladies!


Enjoying a Slush on a Super Hot Day

Enjoying a Slush on a Super Hot Day A road trip to the south was all it took to get me hooked on having an icy slush when temps are on the rise. As we traveled further south, I noticed I was seeing slush machines at every gas station and wondered why they were so popular. Finally, in the southern part of Mississippi, I realized there were slush machines everywhere because it’s so hot in the southern states. Enjoying a slush on a day you feel like you’re melting is the best. It became a regular summer pleasure I crave on hot days.


Feeling the Sun Warm Your Skin

Feeling the Sun Warm Your Skin Is there anything more blissful than the sun warming your skin in the summer? I fantasize about this when I look outside and see a foot of snow on the ground. Grab a juicy novel and enjoy the lazy days of summer. Not only does it feel amazing but it boosts your mood. Who can be unhappy when the skies are blue and the sun is bright?


Wearing Shoes That Show Your Toes

Wearing Shoes That Show Your Toes While I love my riding boots and flats as much as the next girl, they don’t compare to how wonderful it feels to wear shoes that show your toes. Whether your favorite is flip-flops, sandals, wedges or peep toe heels, aren’t they fun to wear? Your feet feel free and you can show off your pedicure. Clothing and shoes are so much more fun in summer. I’m always sad when it’s time to pack them away.

These are 7 simple summer pleasures that make the season heavenly. Which ones do you love? What parts of summer delight you?

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Those gladiators are lovely. Oh yes the sea in the summer is a dream. Try it.

#1 & 3 are my favorite !!!

I love all these things!

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