10 Fab and Fun Squad Goals for You and the Girls to Nail This Summer ...


10 Fab and Fun Squad Goals for You and the Girls to Nail This Summer ...
10 Fab and Fun Squad Goals for You and the Girls to Nail This Summer ...

There's no reason to be bored this summer when you could complete some squad goals with your friends. Sure, they're silly, but they'll make the time pass by quickly. Besides, anything is fun when you're with your favorite group of people, so here are a few ridiculous squad goals to set for you and your friends:

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Snap a Mid-Air Photograph

Most squad goals are silly, because friends are meant to have fun and laugh a little. So here's a goal you can complete this summer. The next time you go to the beach, try to take a photograph of your group while you're all in mid-air. It's much harder to pull off than you'd think, so you're going to have to make a few attempts. Don't worry if you never succeed, though, because the faulty pictures will be way more fun to post on Instagram than the accurate ones would be.


Become Youtube Celebrities

Every group of friends dream of becoming YouTube famous. Of course, that will never happen unless you actually make videos together, and now is the time! You could dress up like your favorite singers to spoof their music videos, you could create your own home movies, or you could complete challenges that you've seen on the site a million times before. If you watch the video back and it's horrifying, then you don't have to post it online, but definitely don't delete it!


Get Mistaken for Lovers

You're not real friends until you're mistaken for lovers. If you've never walked around the mall linking arms or holding hands with your mates, then you're missing out. It's fun to get stares from the people around you. They're just jealous of your friendship.


Own Matching Accessories

When you were in elementary school, you probably had friendship bracelets with your BFF. Well, now it's time to resort to your childhood and get some matching shirts or accessories. You can be just like the Pink Ladies in Grease. Sure, it's tacky to all wear the same sweatshirt, but at least everyone will know who your friends are.


Create a New Game

You and your friends probably have nicknames for one another. You might even have a special handshake and inside jokes. However, now is the time to create your own game. It can be crazy, like True American on New Girl. It can be a twist on a classic game like Charades where you only act out people from school. It can be anything you'd like. Just get creative!


Find a Song

You need at least one song to represent your friendship. That way, whenever it comes on at a club or party, you can all find each other and dance until you can't dance anymore. Even when you're older and don't talk as often, whenever the song pops on the radio, you'll think of each other.


Live and Work Together

Every group of girls needs to go on at least one road trip together. Once that happens, then they should think about getting an apartment together or working together at the same job. The more time you spend with your friends, the better!


Snap a Squad Photo

You go everywhere with your squad, right? Well, now it's time to show it in a series of fun photos! All you have to do is make sure you snap a photo every time you're with your squad, but to make it even more fun, make sure everyone is standing in the exact same place and position! The idea is that when you look back at the photos, all the people are in the same place and it's only the background that changes!


Start Your Own Hashtag

If you really want to separate your squad from the rest, why not think about starting a fun hashtag for you and your squad to use only? Once you have the perfect name or word, you can not only tag it in all your photos together but also say it when you're hanging out! It'll be like a secret code word in a way since only your besties will know what it means!


Have Plenty of Squad Nights

If you really want to nail squad goals then you should just arrange to have heaps of really fun nights all together, doing whatever it is you guys love to do! For some this might mean going out for the night, hitting the clubs, drinking cocktails, or maybe it's just staying inside having a sleepover while watching all your favourites on Netflix!

Don't let this summer go by without making tons of new memories with your closest friends! What's the craziest thing that you've ever done with your BFFs?

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Don't worry girls, I didn't get a BFF until college. Now we are both in the Air Force, married with kids, but we still get together every year for a girls weekend!

I would totally do this if I ever had bffs lol


If only I had friends!!

I miss the trips!

I wish I was older

@Taylor yeah I was thinking the same thing

I would do this if I had a friend lol

This brought back a lot of memories!

This is truly goals

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