7 Signs You Are a Beach Girl ...


7 Signs You Are a Beach Girl ...
7 Signs You Are a Beach Girl ...

There are lots of signs you're a beach girl. If you have ever spaced out and thought about feeling the sand between your toes and the sunshine kiss your shoulders as you listen to the waves crash around you then you might be a beach girl. Check out these 7 signs you're a beach girl and see if you fit the bill.

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You Have a LOT of Swimsuits

A true beach girl can never have enough swimsuits. A swimsuit sets your vibe for the entire day at the beach. Not only do you feel that it’s necessary to own a swimsuit in every color but you need multiple styles for every color. Having a drawer full of swimwear is one of the top signs you're a beach girl.


You Miss the Seagulls

If you miss the seagulls at the beach stealing your food then you are a beach girl. When you’re eating french fries in a restaurant and you think to yourself, “I remember when seagulls would try and steal my french fries at the boardwalk,” it's clear that you belong on the beach.


You Watch Numerous Beach Movies

If you watch multiple beach movies like “Aquamarine” on repeat just to feel like you’re back at the beach, you should make a trip to the beach with your friends as soon as possible.


It’s Cold Where You Are

Maybe you want to escape the current climate around you. If it’s snowing and freezing cold outside, you may feel the need to be on a hot secluded beach, drinking a margarita, and getting a tan.


You Crave Boardwalk Food

If you miss the salty taste of boardwalk fries, the smell of your favorite pizza, and the refreshing taste of fresh squeezed lemonade, then you might need to be eating food at the beach.


You Miss the HOT Lifeguards

You want to see the lifeguards at the beach because they are HOT! If you miss the sexy, tan, and toned lifeguards then you might need to make a trip to the beach.


You Miss the Great Memories from the Beach

Some of the best memories are the ones made with your friends at the beach! “The sand may brush off, the tans may fade, but the memories will last forever.” ~ Unknown

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