What Your Email Sign off Says about You ...


What Your Email Sign off Says about You ...
What Your Email Sign off Says about You ...

Ever wondered what your email sign off says about you? If you are anything like the millions of other office workers and self-employed folks around the world, then you are someone who speaks to more people via email than you do face to face! Email is one of the greatest technological inventions to date. It connects us to anybody whose address we happen to know and can cut the long process of getting in touch with someone to mere seconds. Although all emails reach their recipient in a plain, computer text format, there are definitely some ways to add personal touches in to your messages, and one such personal touch is the way that you sign off. Have you ever taken a second to wonder what your email sign off says about you as a person?

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Yours Faithfully

This means that you like to follow set traditions because "yours faithfully" is an accepted sign off dating back to the handwritten letters of the 15th century.


Yours Sincerely

Again, this is a very prim and proper and shows that you are taking your correspondence seriously. In general, a letter should be signed "yours sincerely" if it is addressed to a specific person rather than a sir or madam.


V Best

It’s not much more hassle to right the full version, "very best," but the simple V lets the person know that you are busy and would appreciate a response ASAP without actually coming out and saying it!



This is the kind of all “I don’t have time for you” sign off moves! It’s an abbreviation of "best regards," which is hilarious because if you are flipping a BR as a sign off, you probably don’t regard the person very highly at all!



This is a polite but generally distant sign off, perfect for sending a work email to somebody who you know but wouldn’t necessarily class as a friend. It’s pleasant but not the warmest.



Now we’re getting into more friendly territory. If you are signing off with "cheers," then it shows you are comfortable in your correspondence with this person and have a genuine affection for them, whether personal or professional.


Warmest Wishes

This is more poetic way to sign off, general used by the kinds of people who like to make a best friend out of everyone and don’t have a bad word to say about anything. Be careful though, because some people might deem it as too close to a casual email.


Peace out

You’re really showing your inner hipster dude here. It’s a bold move to sign off an email with "peace out," because it creates a very distinct and hard to shake off first impression!



Kisses are informal and cute, but they can also be a hard habit to get out of and before you know it you are signing off an email to your boss or to the taxman with a sweet "XXX!" It’s the adulthood equivalent of calling your teacher mum in front of everyone!

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