7 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby ...


7 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby ...
7 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby ...

Ready for a Baby? This is a question many couples start to ponder after being together for a little while. There are many signs that show you are ready for a baby, although, some of them aren’t so obvious. Being ready for a baby means being ready to let go of a lot of things and ready to embrace new experiences. There are, however, a number of signs that will let you know you're ready.

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Stable Relationship

I understand that there are many successful single parents in this world. They managed to balance work and parenting better than some of us that only need to focus on one or the other. However, having a stable relationship with your partner is extremely important. If you are thinking of having a baby in hopes to “save your relationship” you are wrong. That is a great deal of pressure to put on one little baby.


Finances in Order

While money doesn’t buy happiness, and a baby doesn’t need a silver spoon or a 101 baby gadgets, knowing you are financially ready for a baby will save some stress in the end. You don’t need to have all your ducks in a row, but at least have most of your ducks floating upright and not sinking. In other words, having debt, or not having a college savings is fine, but don’t plan on having a baby if you are struggling to make minimal credit card payments.


Moving Away from the Bar Scene

I’m not saying you have to completely give up the bar scene, or that responsible parents don’t occasionally go out and have a few drinks. However, if you are still enjoying going out to the bars and clubs every weekend than you probably aren’t ready for a baby just yet. It’s better to wait and have it out of your system than to regret the choice of having a baby.


You’ve Done the Things You Want to do

If you have always wanted to do things like sky dive or bungee jump, do it now before you have a baby. Once you have a child, they add to the fear of those stunts and make you think twice about the risk. Certain traveling is better sans kids as well. Imagine a romantic weekend in Paris with a crying baby.


The Idea of Babies Excites You

If the idea of having a baby gets you excited you may be ready for a baby. This is especially true of the general idea of kids once made your skin crawl. If you find yourself taking a “short cut” through the baby section at the department store or having fun at baby showers you are probably more ready for a baby than you think.


Live in Your Own Place

Do you have your own place? You don’t need to own a home, but if you still live with your parents or in your sister’s basement, than now is not the time to think about having a baby. Ideally you’d want your place to have at least two bedrooms so the baby can have space for all of his stuff, but you can also make having a family work in a smaller space as well, at least for a little while.


Emotionally Stable

Having a baby can be very stressful. You have to know how to control your emotions and remain calm when things get overwhelming. If you find yourself still throwing tantrums over little things that don’t go your way or if others tell you that you are over reacting often than you may not be ready for a baby at this time.

A baby is a huge lifestyle change, so it's vital to know you're ready for a baby. Although accidents do happen and many of those parents make it work out wonderfully, if you can wait to have until you are ready for a baby, you will appreciate life better. This goes for both your life before children and your life with children. If you are already a mom what are some signs that let you know you were ready for a baby?

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