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Have you ever wondered if one of your friends was fake? Sometimes it can be hard to tell the fake friends from the tried and true friends. Most of us end up with a few fake friends at some point in our life. The key is figuring out their game and getting some distance. These’re 7 signs you have a fake friend.

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They're Only Your Friend when No One is around

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Your real friends will always be around whether others are there or not. If someone only wants to be your friend when none of their friends are there and disappear when their friends are back or act like you don't exist, it means they're faking it.


They’re Only Your Friend when It’s Convenient for Them

If you have a friend that’s not an all-the-time friend, they could be fake. They’re only your friend when it’s convenient for them. Maybe you have something fun going so they’re ready to join in. They may only have time for you when all their other friends are busy. You deserve friends that value you and your company, not just what you have to offer.


You’ve Seen Them Use Others

Fake friends stand out if you watch them closely. You may have noticed that they seem to use others. Sadly, they could now be using you. It could be that they want to be your friend because they want a ride to school rather than catching the bus. Maybe they’re crushing on your older brother and using you to get close.


They’re a Terrible Listener

A fake friend doesn’t care about your problems. They only want to talk about what’s going on in their life. It’s important to be careful with this one though because we can all get a bit wrapped up in ourselves at times and not mean anything by it. It isn’t intentional. This sign on it’s own doesn’t always mean your friend is fake, only when it’s paired with others.


They Make Jokes at Your Expense

Most people joke around with their friends and that’s okay. It’s all in good fun. But a fake friend will have no trouble making jokes at your expense. These’re the kind of jokes that’re mean and have a cruel undertone. You know it’s not really said to share a laugh.


They Disregard Your Feelings and Opinions

True friends will value your feelings and opinions. They care about you. A fake friend is self-centered. They disregard what you’re thinking and feeling and push for what they want. You probably feel like you’re wasting your breath with a friend like this.


They Aren’t Happy for You when Good Things Happen

True friendship means that you’re happy for one another when something good happens. A fake friend won’t be. They may offer a token congratulation and then they’re ready to get the focus back to who they truly care about, themselves. Once you know for sure that your friend is fake, you’re probably better off to start backing away from that friendship. Of course that’s a decision only you can make.


You Just Get That Vibe

It may be that you just get the vibe that a friend is fake. You can’t quite put your finger on why you feel that way; you just know that you do. It’swise to make sure you’re correct about this before you act. You don’t want to cut ties with someone who could turn out to be a valuable friend. Make certain they’re fake before you cut ties.

These’re some signs that you’ve got a fake friend. Have you had a fake friend before? How did you deal?

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When your work with someone who acts like your friend to your face but does things that would directly effect you and not tell you. Then you train her on everything you know only to be laid off. That's one b*tch that is not only NOT a friend but a back stabbed b*tch as well. Whatever happened to honesty, integrity and morals?

Great Article!

Fuck my new enemy

I have one right now and it's really unfortunate...I am the type of girl that would give someone I care about all I could; and she won't even give me the time of day unless she felt like it was convenient for her

I have dropped my so called friends. I went all out to get my friend a gift for her birthday and she couldn't even text me Happy Birthday. And it's so funny, she used to tell me that she was so busy, but she was posting a lot of pics on Instagram. She wished all her friends on her Instagram a happy birthday. I believed in her and her lies, so I decided to drop her and to not answer her texts and blocked her on Instagram. You don't need negative, conditional friends. You know when people are real...it will come in time.

Although in a lot of cases these signs may be true, there are instances where some people really don't know how to be a friend. They can be there for you but not have everything else together. Keep that in mind.

What about all the other qualities ur friend brings I guess u don't see that when ur looking at the bad parts of that person

Me and my "best friend" just went separate ways. She had most of those negative qualities, but on the other hand she was there for me a lot too. It was a friendship I truly valued until she started calling me names and saying very rude things and when she stole from me (some things that I cannot replace!!) I was done! I blocked her because she was harassing me non stop! Ugh. Anyways it always hurts when someone you really care about turns out to be a fake friend.

My 'bestfriend' says she loves me to the moon and back but she does all of these things. I don't know what to do should I ditch her?

Got a fake friend? Ditch the bitch. Simple.

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