8 Sure Signs of an Idiot Friend ...


SpongeBob and Patrick. Chester and Jesse (from “Dude, Where’s My Car?”). The entire cast of "The Hangover" and "Jersey Shore." The list of idiot friends goes on, and each pair tells you a little something more about the girl (or guy) in your circle of friends who fills that role. They’re often frustrating, seldom reliable, but somehow endearing. How can you tell who in your circle is the Patrick to your Squidward? Here are 8 sure signs of an idiot friend.

1. Sleeps Til Noon

I’m probably only listing this because I’m insanely jealous — I don’t get to sleep til noon, so no-one else should get to, either! But sleeping late (and being slovenly in sleep habits in general) is indeed one of the trademarks of an idiot friend.

Wholly Unreliable
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