7 Signs of a Selfish Person That You Should Pay Attention to ...


If you are trying to recognize a selfish friend or partner so you can prevent them from hurting you and affecting your life, here are a few very obvious signs of a selfish person. The traits of a selfish individual aren’t easy to notice since they often seem really nice, lovable and sweet people. Really though, a selfish person only tries to satisfy their own pleasures, they have little consideration for other people’s needs and they worry only about their own comfort. Most selfish people are skilled manipulators by instinct who believe that they are more important than everyone else. They can hurt you very easily and you might feel confused and lost when you’re around them because they make you feel like you aren’t giving enough back to them. Here are a few very obvious signs of a selfish person that you should pay attention to:

1. They Always Ask for Favors

One of the most obvious signs of a selfish person is the fact that they always ask for favors, no matter how big or small they are. They always need something from you but they are never willing to give you something back in return. Try asking them for a favor and see if they are willing to help you.

They Think They Deserve Special Treatment
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