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7 Signs It's a Toxic Friendship ...

By Diana

If you’ve been going through some gal pal-related drama lately, you should be keeping an eye out for signs it’s a toxic friendship. Whether she breaks plans on a whim or reveals your secrets to the world, a bad friend can take a toll on your emotional well-being. Here are 7 signs that you need to split with your bestie, stat. ‘Cause you deserve better, girl!

1 She Constantly Ditches You

One key sign it’s a toxic friendship is if she breaks plans with you as soon as someone else wants to hit the mall. It might be her crush…or that popular girl she’s secretly jealous of. Either way, her actions are not okay. We’ve all been in this sticky situation, but I’ve learned that the best way to deal with being ditched is to work on my other friendships. One bad apple doesn’t mean that the entire bunch is rotten, so it’s definitely time to buddy up with a gal who’s good to her core.

2 She’s Addicted to Gossiping

In college, one of my best friends couldn’t stop dissing other women and making snarky comments about mutual acquaintances. Not only was this mean, but it also made me feel horrible about various aspects of my body and personality. If your best bud can’t turn off the gossip, the two of you need to talk it out. As girls, it can be hard to stop the chit-chat, but if she’s talking about other people, chances are she’s dishing out the dirt on you, too.

3 She Dates Your Exes

One surefire sign it’s a toxic friendship is if she purposefully goes for the guys you’re crushing on or can’t keep her hands off your ex. It’s breaking girl code (not to mention your heart…ouch) and shows that she’ll do anything in her power to put you down. And if you’re going for greatness, don’t let a bad BFF stand in your way!

4 She Pressures You

If she spends her weekends in a state of drunken stupor and berates you for not doing the same, it’s time to cut her off. It’s far from fun to feel uncool if you have differing values on drinking, drugs, or school. Spending your valuable time with people who understand your goals will empower you –so what are you waiting for?

5 She Disappears during Your Times of Need

Another blaring sign it’s a toxic friendship is if you’re almost always forced to chat about all of her troubles (and none of yours). If she’s on the line blabbing her heart out while you’re left to suffer in silence, your friendship is exactly like that phone call: one-way. Step away from the phone, girl!

6 She Lies

Pay attention, ladies: if she lies to her parents, teachers, and other friends, your friendship is bad news. We’ve all told a little white lie every once in a while, but if she’s bragging about her straight-A’s when she’s skipped weeks of school, walk away. No good can come out of this toxic friend.

7 She Tries to Undermine You

The most telling sign it’s a toxic friendship is if she says things to hurt you. For example, if you score your dream job and she rants about how you simply got lucky, she’s far from a good friend. Or, if you get engaged to the man you love and she tells you that her ring will be ten times bigger, her mind is chock full of jealous rage. You might want to rethink asking her to be your maid of honor...

These are 7 of the top signs it’s a toxic friendship. Can you relate to any of these circumstances? What was the worst friendship you’ve ever been in?

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