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Warning Signs of a Toxic Friendship ...

By Leiann

Almost all people have one. But how do you know? What do you do?

The following YouTube video shows you the signs and plans of action to take.

Melissa Alexandria
Published on Apr 25, 2018

When you have minutes to spare, think about the warning signs and take note...

Who is the person? How do they treat you? Do they make you sad or unhappy? Would you rather stay sad or unhappy? If not, what would be the easiest plan to break up the friendship? Can you make a clean break? After a while, how do you feel now? Better?

I know you are hurting. Just be patient. There are plenty of people out there who would love to be your friend. There are even pen pal websites. Want a face-to-face friendship? Host a party at your house and invite people who you really like. Ask if they'd like to do so more often and take turns...

Thank you for watching.

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