Should You Drop a Class or Stick It out ?


Should You  Drop a Class or Stick It out ?
Should You  Drop a Class or Stick It out ?

?**When you first start college, it is pretty likely that you are going to sign yourself up for more classes than you can handle, sometimes out of pure enthusiasm, and sometimes to see which ones stick and which ones don’t. After the first few weeks, the time will come when you will probably have to think about streamlining your timetable, so when thinking about all of the classes that you are currently taking, which ones are you enjoying the least? Here are a few situations and signs that will help decide the answer to "should you drop a class or stick it out?"

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Behind on Reading

Whether it’s because you couldn’t get the textbook in time or because you prioritised other classes instead, you are already behind on your reading for the class in question and it doesn’t look like you are going to be able to catch up. If you are going to be fighting a losing battle with the workload then it might be a sign this class isn’t for you.


Too Hard

Perhaps you signed up for a course that is of a higher level than you usually go for out of interest or enthusiasm. The thing is, you can be as interested as you want, but if you find it hard to grasp even the basics of a topic, you aren’t going to have a good time when the time comes for assignments and essays. It’s not worth spending valuable time on a class that you know you are going to fail.


Too Many Assignments

Some classes are in-class work heavy, and then some classes are assignment heavy. If this class is too assignment heavy and you think that it is going to end up negatively impacting on both your social life and your other classes, then it might be better to drop it for the sake of overall balance. You can’t afford to let one class derail all of the others.


Failed First Test

So you gave it a healthy semester run but you failed the first test badly. You didn’t quit already so you obviously enjoy elements of the topic, but if your efforts aren’t correlating properly with your results then you might have to face facts and admit that the class just isn’t for you. You have to be strategic to keep up those good grades across the board.


Professor Beef

Perhaps you like the premise of the class but hate the professor? Sometimes there is just a clash of personalities between a student and a teacher that can make attending a class unbearable, and you have to make a decision of whether you want to cut ties completely or continue to be unhappy for a good few hours a week. I know which one I would choose!


No Friends

I know that having your friends around you shouldn’t be the main thing to look for in a class, but if it was one that you chose in the hope of being put with some of your pals, and then you end up in a room with nobody you know, you can always just peace out!

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