Should You πŸ€” Drop a Class πŸ“˜ or Stick It out πŸ‘Š?


?**When you first start college, it is pretty likely that you are going to sign yourself up for more classes than you can handle, sometimes out of pure enthusiasm, and sometimes to see which ones stick and which ones don’t. After the first few weeks, the time will come when you will probably have to think about streamlining your timetable, so when thinking about all of the classes that you are currently taking, which ones are you enjoying the least? Here are a few situations and signs that will help decide the answer to "should you drop a class or stick it out?"

1. Behind on Reading

Whether it’s because you couldn’t get the textbook in time or because you prioritised other classes instead, you are already behind on your reading for the class in question and it doesn’t look like you are going to be able to catch up. If you are going to be fighting a losing battle with the workload then it might be a sign this class isn’t for you.

Too Hard