8 Self Defense Moves from a Professional Martial Artist ...


8 Self Defense Moves from a Professional Martial Artist ...
8 Self Defense Moves from a Professional Martial Artist ...

I'm here to share some self defense moves from a professional martial artist. It’s extremely important to carefully read everything here before you learn the different moves that can save your life. This article does not replace actual learning time in a taekwondo, judo, or karate studio. You cannot read this just one or two times and know what to do. You need to have trained practice with these moves until they become ingrained in your brain, so you don’t have to think about what to do but can defend yourself automatically.

Furthermore, all of these moves cause bodily harm and some of these moves are deadly. Do not practice these moves outside of a dojo (what we call a karate studio in Japanese), unless you’re training with a martial arts professional. The moves here are not all from Go Ryu karate but are all efficient in helping you live. Everything you are learning here is in order for you to protect yourself. Exercise common sense and caution. If a guy tries to grab your butt there is no reason to try and kill him.

The moves here are set up for various offenses from an unwanted butt grab to someone trying to kidnap you. The following self defense moves are to be read by someone who may not yet have gotten time to take a self defense class (make time!) or who right now cannot afford one, as this article is not anywhere near the same as practicing these moves in a dojo, but are without a doubt better than not knowing anything at all.

The best self defense move to use is to run away. Always try to run away if you can. If it’s too late to run away then you will need to use hand to hand combat. It is extremely important to remember that none of these moves are ever to be used because you got in a heated debate with someone, as some of these martial arts moves are lethal or cause broken bones and are to be used solely in life or death situations. Remember when trying to save your life against an attack it’s going to hurt. The goal is to live and run for help. Expect to be slapped, punched, bruised, and bitten, but do all you can to avoid those things happening. Here are some self defense moves from a professional martial artist to get you started.

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How to Fight Someone Bigger than You

Knowing some self defense moves from a professional martial artist is important if you're facing someone bigger than you. Have your hand and arm up to protect your face. Use an open hand and whack his hand out of the way. Then bring up your right arm and karate chop his grabbing hand at the inside of his elbow. Finally, head butt him in the chest. Do not punch him in the chest or he’ll grab you. Knee him in the groin. Run.


A Guy Grabs You from the Front

Grab his right wrist with your left hand and turn your body towards his at the same time. Super quickly push your right arm all the way out with your hand flat onto his right shoulder/upper chest area where the arm bends. Then knee him in the groin. Then remove your left arm and using your left elbow jam it right into his face. Then run.


How to Survive a Gun to the Head

If the gun is already at your head, there’s nothing you can do. Honestly, in this situation, there’s nothing you can do but offer complete and total compliance. If you are a hostage keep your mouth shut, comply, and let the SWAT team do everything. Give the criminal everything and anything he wants. If he demands your purse throw it onto the ground. If he demands you take off your clothes do it. You have to do everything and anything they say. You can’t grab a gun. If the gun is held gangster style (sideways), which it likely will be, do not try to grab his wrist or arm because he has more power due to how his wrist is bent. Keep your mouth shut, comply, and hope for the best.


Basic Blocks

When your bum is touched and your standing face to face, whack his arms out from the inside. Put force into your arms. You can do this same move if he tries to touch anywhere on the front side of your body. If a guy, or another woman trying to attack you, place your hands on the chest/shoulder area where the arms move. He or she will be locked there and can’t move. If a pervert tries to touch your bum from the back, lift your arm up, elbow pointed and grab him harshly by the wrist, turn and scold them.

Ladies, unwanted touch goes both ways. Do not grab a man’s butt without his permission just because he is a celebrity, or a highly attractive bloke unless he has outwardly flirted enough that he would enjoy that.


How to Defend against a Baseball Bat

Never put your hand out at a crazy person swinging a baseball bat at you. You actually want to get as close as you can. Hook your left arm tightly around both of their lower arms. Pull the bat out of his arms. Run. Always report to the police what happened. Do not discard the bat. Give the baseball to the police. It needs to be dusted for fingerprints.


What to do if Attacked from behind

If someone grabs you from behind, drop your body sideways onto your knees with your head down. Drop to your knees! This is extremely important. Spring up your upper torso and head and put your left hand on the back of his neck, and elbow them very hard on the back. If his hand is on your throat and you are down, stretch your arms out and jab your thumbs into his eyes. This is going to get very gross, you want to pop his eye out and have blood gushing and blind him. If someone attacks you from behind, this is a life or death situation.

Then, grab his right arm, then grab his testicles and pull hard, followed by a punch to his back. If he tries to take you down blind him. If he is trying to kill you as you blind him with one hand, twist his neck with the other with all your force until you snap his neck. This will kill him (or her if it’s a woman trying to murder you). This is absolutely only to be used if your life is in imminent peril! Almost always, an attempted kidnapper or attempted killer will run off screaming once you have blinded him.


How to Escape a Bear Hug

Make two fists. Put one of your fists through their arms. Now, hold your hands together and pull down where his hands are together. Do not look back at him. If you look back you have given him more physical power due to your bad position. Grab his outer arm by the wrist and elbow him hard in the testicles. If he bear hugs you from the front punch him right at the very bottom of the ribcage with both fists at the same time on his sides, then hit him in the back of the head. Then run.


How to Get out of a Headlock

Take both of your hands around his wrists and pull down hard. Take your hands closest to his testicles and whack him hard in the nether regions. Drop your shoulder hard and fast into his ribcage and lift your arm free. Turn your body, grab his wrist with your left arm and sort of karate chop the rest of his left arm down with your right arm. Now, grab him by the back of the neck and smash his face into the ground. Run.

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