7 Security Measures That Just Don't Work ...


When it comes to your home, security is probably number one on your list of priorities. However, according to guest contributor Emily Green, certain measures give you nothing but a false sense of security. What are these measures? Read on to find out.

Homeowners often think that security systems are too expensive, too difficult to install, or too hard to learn to work, which leads them to trust in security measures that don't offer them any real protection. Here are the top security measures that experts say give homeowners a false sense of security.

1. Depending on Pets for Security

Unfortunately, pets such as guard dogs are the first ones an intruder attacks. Criminals often scope a home before the intrusion, and make plans to injure, disable, or kill the animal as soon as the burglary begins. Even criminals who don't case the home before the attack are often prepared for pets and have measures to silence them before the animal can alert someone or stop the attack.

While pets are great at waking you up if an intruder comes along, they're defenseless if you aren't home when the invasion occurs. Stun guns, guns, baseball bats, knives and other cruel methods are often employed to disable or kill a beloved pet trying to defend the home.

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