7 Secrets for Acing Your Next Exam ...


If youโ€™re a student that hates spending hours and hours studying, and you still donโ€™t get that perfect A, itโ€™s time youโ€™re filled in on the secrets for acing exams. Staying awake all night, popping alertness pills, and staring at your notes all day arenโ€™t great ways to get your desired grade, or stay healthy for that matter. Below are 7 secrets for acing exams that, if done collectively, are guaranteed to get you an amazing grade!

1. Find Your Style

Itโ€™s easy to overload the brain, especially when trying to force in tons of information from the book and class. One of the top secrets for acing exams it to stop studying for 9 hours a day for one class, and find your most productive and time efficient style of studying. If you learn best with pictures, start drawing those diagrams. If youโ€™re an auditory learner, record your lectures and listen to them again. Your style of studying will help you learn the information the best way you can, and it could cut loads of time studying.

Go over Your Notes after Class
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