7 Safety Hacks That'll Keep You out of Danger ...


Whether you're traveling to a foreign country alone or are walking through the parking lot at work, you should be prepared for the worst. Unfortunately, not all of the people in this world are sweet, so you never know when a stranger will be out to hurt you. Of course, as long as you take a few precautions, you should be able to stay safe. Here are a few of the best safety hacks that'll keep you out of danger:

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Stash Your Money in Multiple Places

When you go on vacation, you don't want to keep all of your cash in one location, like your wallet, in case someone steals it. It's best to put a few bills in your wallet, some in your suitcase, and maybe even a few in your bra or shoe. That way, you won't end up broke if someone pickpockets you (or if you end up misplacing your pocketbook).


Stash Your Valuables in a Suntan Lotion Bottle

Speaking of stashing cash, the next time you go to the beach, you should be careful with where you place your valuables. It's best to visit the beach with a large group, so one of you can always stay behind on the sand to guard your items. However, if you go there alone, stash your valuables in an empty suntan lotion bottle. No thieves will think about stealing something so cheap.


Make It Look like Someone's Home when You Leave

You don't want anyone to break into your house, which is why you should try to make it look like someone is home, even when you're gone. Why? Criminals are less likely to attempt to break in if they think that people are around. That's why you should leave some lights or the TV on, if you can afford the electric bill. If you're staying in a hotel room, try placing the "do not disturb" sign on door so it looks like youre in there, even when you're not.


Don't Stand out

When you're traveling through a town that scares you, you don't want to stand out. Avoid wearing bright colors that will attract attention. Also avoid wearing expensive jewelry, because it'll make you seem wealthier, which means you'll be a great target for thieves.


Hold Keys in between Your Fingers

You don't have to carry a knife and pepper spray everywhere you go. However, if you're walking alone, it's a good idea to hold each of your keys between your fingers, so that you can use them as weapons if someone attacks. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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Wear a Fake Wedding Ring

Unfortunately, men are more likely to leave you alone if they think that you have a husband nearby that can stand up to them. That's why you might want to wear a fake wedding ring when you travel alone.


Don't Tell Strangers Your Personal Information

This one seems obvious, but never tell a stranger anything personal about yourself. It doesn't matter if they're just trying to make small talk, because you don't know who they truly are. Remember what you learned as a child about stranger danger.

As long as you follow these tips, you should be able to keep yourself safe. What other tricks do you have for staying out of danger?

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Sometimes it is better to just carry the pepper spray. I'm not sure how much damage the dull end of a key will do..

Good pointers thanks

I herd of some of these, but all if these is good advice.

This article was nice and very informative. I'm on a trip now. Thanks

Thanks! I plan on traveling alone soon, and I wouldn't have thought of some these tips on my own.

Don't underestimate the wedding ring advice - it has gotten me out of some dodgy situations

If you are in a hotel and you want your room cleaned by the maids, don't put the do not disturb sign on. Just leave a note to the maid(s) cleaning your room asking if she can put it on afterwards.

I was always told *not* to hold my keys between each finger! Doing so allows your attacker to easily grab and manipulating your entire hand/wrist/arm....

@Cynmarie - I can tell you from personal experience that the blunt end of a key can cause considerable damage whilst pepper spray is illegal in some countries. If you do use the spray, YOU will be arrested for assaulting your assailant! Daft but unfortunately true...

Watch your surroundings, if your guts tell you its unsafe then get out of the situation if possible.

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