7 Relaxing Activities to Try if Coloring Isn't Your Thing ...


7 Relaxing Activities to Try if Coloring Isn't Your Thing ...
7 Relaxing Activities to Try if Coloring Isn't Your Thing ...

Adult coloring books became a cool trend for a while, but like other trends it is now waning (according to new statistics from Barnes and Noble). For those who took it up, it is a wonderfully relaxing way to pass the time and to relieve stress. If you are ready to hang up your pencils, or your books are already starting to gather dust, you need something to do instead. Why? Because it's important to keep up with your self-care routine and relaxing hobbies are a cornerstone for this particular goal. If you like to stay on trend with your hobbies, you need some alternatives to coloring you might consider. Here are the trendiest relaxing activities according to Brit+Co.com:

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Sticker Books

comic book, art, poster, comics, If you’re looking for a break from coloring books but don’t want to stray that far outside your comfort zone, why not try a fun Paint by Sticker ($7) (and no, they aren’t just for children)? It’s like the paint-by-numbers of your childhood, so you’ll get a dose of nostalgia, but with zero cleanup time. They take waaay less time to complete than coloring books and are actually pretty relaxing too.


Decorative Planning

Decorative Planning Planner girls, this one’s for you. Instead of simply writing down your daily to-do list on a boring piece of scrap paper, try your hand at decorative planning. From detailed doodles to washi tape masterpieces, this creative outlet is both productive and super fun.


Coloring Apps

Coloring Apps Coloring apps like Recolor (available on iOS and Android, starting at $3) are a great alternative to traditional coloring books if you’re not ready to let go *quite* yet. It makes coloring super mobile since you don’t have to carry a hefty pencil case wherever you go. We suggest plugging in your headphones and listening to an awesome audio meditation while you digitally color for maximum zen time.



art, indoor games and sports, games, tabletop game, It may seem old school, but breaking out a classic 1,000+ piece puzzle is actually incredibly relaxing… especially if you start with the easy edge pieces. We suggest making yourself a hot cup of tea, turning on your favorite music, and puzzling for at least a half hour to really start feeling the calming effects.



picture frame, design, brand, pattern, Most of us love cuddling up with a good book on a cozy afternoon off, but sometimes we don’t really have time to run all the way to the bookstore to find a good read (or wait for our Amazon Prime order to arrive). So if you’re in a pinch, it may be time to give eBooks a try.

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DIYing Starting a sweet DIY project is one of the best ways to kick-start your creativity and reboot your mind. If you’re stuck on where to start, check out our DIY kits exclusive to Target — they’ll give you all the materials, instructions, and positive vibes you need to create your very own handmade masterpiece.‌‌



finger, hand, art, writing, pattern, There something very comforting about holding a pen/pencil. It make self expression easy. Not everyone is going to turn into Van Gogh but it doesn't matter. Learn how to draw by following video tutorials or just start doodling on a blank sheet of paper to see where your imagination takes you.

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