15 Fun Things to do Instead of Watching TV ...


15 Fun Things to do Instead of Watching TV ...
15 Fun Things to do Instead of Watching TV ...

There are lots of things to do instead of watching TV, and with the weather warming up as spring finally arrives, it's time to get out there and do them! Why would you want to spend time inside, sitting in front of the TV, when the weather outside is so beautiful? That includes spending too much time in front of a computer, so I'm also speaking to all my fellow work-at-home girls who get tethered to computer chairs for hours at a time. There are so many activities to do instead of watching TV, some of which take a while and some of which you can do in just an hour or two. Stretch your limbs, give your body some stimulation and your mind time to relax, and start getting away from the TV by doing these fun activities!

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Reading is one of my favorite things to do instead of watching TV. In fact, I'll choose a good book over a TV show any time. No matter where you do it – at the park, in your favorite chair, or even in the bath tub like a certain blogging buddy of yours (tee hee!) – reading is a great way to stimulate your mind. Read a favorite book you always enjoy, check out something new, put it on your Kindle, or take a trip to the library!


Listen to Music

Listening to music is also a great habit to start. It sort of engages you more than TV, not only because you so often feel compelled to sing along, but also because listening to music makes you want to move around. Trust me, it definitely makes housework and workouts go by a lot faster, and it makes those activities tons of fun as well, so give it a try!


Go for a Walk

Staying active is always important, but even if you don't want a really intensive workout, you can still get physical. So turn off the television and help yourself to a work. Go by yourself for some serious me-time and meditative moments, take your dog, or take a friend! Walking is a great activity both when you're alone or when you bring someone along with you – especially right now!


Play Your Favorite Sport

Playing a sport is a fantastic activity to do instead of watching TV. If you have a favorite, why not take that hour you were going to spend watching House or ANTM, and go play instead? It doesn't matter what it is – softball, soccer, golf, or even roller derby. You'll have a lot more fun, you'll be with your friends, and you won't be stuck on the couch!



Although this won't apply to everyone, cooking and baking are some of my favorite hobbies. Rather than watching a program on television, why not experiment in the kitchen? Cook something you've always wanted to tackle, bake a pastry you've always wanted to try, or go all out to cool a lovely meal for your family, friends, or significant other.


Have a Good Gab

Whether you just want to gossip or discuss your day, talking is a fabulous thing to do instead of watching TV. It seems like we don't spend enough time really talking to each other anymore, you know? So sit down and have a gab fest with your BFF, your best group of girlfriends, your partner, your mom, or anyone else to whom you feel close. Find out how they're feeling, what they're up to, and what they need to vent about in your lives. You can do the same so, as a bonus, you'll come away feeling a lot lighter, emotionally speaking.


Get a New Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to keep your mind stimulated, making them wonderful things to do instead of watching TV. You might already have a hobby you love, in which case you should try to spend more time doing it – like that hour or two you've devoted to watching television, even if you only substitute once or twice a week. If you don't have a hobby, it's a great time to choose one! Pick something you've always wanted to do, but felt like you never had time to do.


Take a Drive

When you want to stop watching so much television, you don't have to do anything big. Why not take a small road trip? You don't have to go anywhere, but if you have the opportunity to hop in your car, play your music loud, and go driving the back roads, take it! It's simple, but it's such a soothing activity. You get time to think, you can see all kinds of beautiful and interesting things, and you can uncover some really lovely new spots to visit in the future.


Go Dancing

If dancing is your think, get to it! Dancing lessons, for instance, are wonderful activities to do instead of watching TV. You can learn a dance you've always wanted to do. If you already know how to dance or simply want to cut loose, then again, the hours you used to spend watching television are ideal. Go out with the girls or your partner and have some fun!


Get in a Workout

You could also be working out instead of watching TV. This one is really important, since a lot of people cite a lack of time as their reason for not exercising as much as they should. Even if you only take thirty minutes to an hour out of your TV watching schedule, however, you can get in a decent workout – and it's so much better for your health!


Go on a Date

It doesn't matter if you're single or in a committed relationship, you can still go on a date! Single stalkers, if there's someone you're particularly interested in, ask that person out with you! Have your friends set you up or find someone on your own. If you're not single, just ask your special someone to go out to dinner, see a movie, visit the zoo – anything! You'll be spending quality time together out of the house, that's the important thing!


Learn Something New

Often the best things to do instead of watching TV involve stimulating your mind. Learning how to do something new is arguably one of the best ways to do that. Learn a new language if that's your fancy or, as mentioned before, learn a new dance. You may want to take a class at a local college in a subject that interests you, even if it's not related to your career.



For me, writing is just as vital as reading. It feeds me in a way television doesn't. You should do it, too! You may write essays, poetry, short stories, or a novel. You may be interested in fiction or non-fiction. You may simply want to write down your thoughts for the day. Whatever the case, write when you can – without the noise of the TV jamming up the works.


Go Exploring

When we were kids, we loved to explore; it won out over everything, even cartoons! Why not do that now? Pick a neighborhood in your city you don't know that well, venture to another, close state, or look for trails in the woods surrounding your home. Even if you live in the middle of a big city, there are places to explore, and as long as you're safe, of course, I know you'll be glad you took the chance!


Join a Group

Joining some kind of group is also a fantastic idea. It might be a book club, a gardening club, a weight loss group – who knows? If it helps or enlightens you in some way, then it's all good. You'll be around people who like the same things and, most importantly, that will be time you aren't wasting in front of the television!

With so many things to do instead of watching TV, you almost have to wonder why you even have one! Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those girls who claims she never watches television; recently Netflix, especially, has become my best friend. But it's important to get out there and actually do things, or to stay inside and do them – the point is that you need to stimulate your mind, your body, or both! What are your favorite activities to do instead of watching TV?

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