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There are so many reasons to write your thoughts down. Being a night owl, my creative thought process reaches its peak as darkness enters the fray and my mind accelerates into overdrive. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and completely forgetting all of those wonderful ideas and plans that you had imagined the night before. Writing my thoughts down has now become an integral part of my daily routine and has enabled me to reach what were previously unattainable levels of productivity. Here are seven great reasons to write your thoughts down on a regular basis, and why it is imperative you get into the habit of putting pen to paper before it’s too late.

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Ideas Are Easy to Forget

One of the most important reasons to write your thoughts down is if, like me, you possess a memory like a sieve. Knowing I have my thoughts secured away and at my disposal when required allows me to go to bed in a comforting frame of mind. Why spend so much time mulling and deliberating over key decisions in your life if you are going to forget them within minutes?


The Dying Art of Pen and Paper

Don’t you agree that the simple things in life still take some beating? Technology continues to take a stranglehold over society with so many of us using iPads, mobile phones and other portable devices to convey our feelings. Using a pen and paper will ensure an immediate and therefore effective transition from mind to matter.


Clear Your Mind

We all have moments in the day where something or someone just seems to obstruct us from making progress. Lift the weight of the world off your shoulders and write down your thoughts. This will provide your dilemma with a different perspective and allow you to think clearly. Feeling better now?


Allows You to Plan and Prioritise Your Day

Writing down your thoughts will bring a sense of order into your everyday life. Jotting down the notions that are occupying your mind will present you with the opportunity to review what is important and what can be left on the back burner for a day or two. You will never miss another deadline or important meeting again.


Something Small Can Lead to Something Big

You will be enthused by what can be spawned just by scribbling your sentiments down. Many masterpieces have arisen from the beginnings of such an act. Very soon you could be looking back at your own journal or penning song lyrics inspired by the experiences you have kept a record of. Prepare to be amazed.


Positive Emotions Heightened

When you capture something special on paper it will raise your levels of positivity. Your thoughts on paper really do give you a different perspective, and when you read them back it will feel like you are hearing them from someone else. Take note of your achievements throughout the day, no matter how small you perceive them to be, and you will be able to reflect on them with glowing pride.


Form a Picture of Your Life and Improve Your Long-Term Focus

Writing down your thoughts means that you can clearly assess what stage you are at in your life and shed light on how you should approach future situations and potential problems. Learning about yourself is a powerful sensation and will help you establish your true identity. A pen and paper make for ideal concentration tools, therefore bringing clarity to your decision-making and thinking over a longer time span.

Pouring your thoughts onto paper is a therapeutic and soul-searching experience. Remember, there are no limits when it comes to this emotional outlet. Unearth the full spectrum of your imagination and watch your life reach places you never thought were possible. What feelings do you elicit from writing your thoughts down?

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I agree with the statement "something small may lead to something big"

Love this :-)

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