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If you've ever lived alone, then you'll know that living by yourself is one of the coolest things ever. Sure, having three shelves of the fridge and a whole sofa to yourself isn't for everyone, but if you're the kind of girl who likes her own space, there's nothing better than living by yourself. Since I'm about to move out of a house-share and into my own flat (again), I thought I'd share with you 7 reasons why living by yourself totally rocks - here we go!

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Nobody to Make a Mess

One of my favourite parts of living alone is the fact that any mess made is made by me. When you're living by yourself, you don't have your flatmate's mess to tidy up - no dirty dishes, food on the counter or bathroom mess. You can be as tidy (or as messy) as you want to be; it's your own space! Of course this also means all the cleaning is up to you, but hey, you can totally clean when you feel like it!


Haribo for Dinner

You can eat what you want, when you want. Want to stick your finger in the Nutella jar? Oh, go on then! If you fancy a peanut butter sandwich or some Haribo for dinner, nobody's stopping you. Just make sure to stick to a generally healthy diet and make treats occasional. You can cook whatever you feel like - Thai curry one night, chicken salad the next...it's up to you.


Control the Remote

For me, one of the worst things about sharing with flatmates is having to share control of the TV remote, or worse, never actually even getting close to having control of the remote! When you live alone, the TV is all yours. Fancy an evening of Mad Men or re-runs of Breaking Bad? Pick whatever you want to watch - there's nobody else to moan about it. This also means that when the mood strikes, you can enjoy sappy rom coms all night long and nobody will judge you. Which brings me nicely to my next point.


Nesting is Great

Nesting - buying bits and bobs for your apartment and decorating it the way you like it - is one of my favourite things in the world to do. There's something great about choosing the things you love and surrounding yourself with them. If you're anything like me, there are certain times of the month, and certain days where you just want to close the curtains and keep the world out. Living alone means you don't need to make excuses or apologies to anyone - take a duvet day or potter around your apartment baking cookies or working on a craft project. When you live by yourself, your time truly is your own!


Working from Home is Easier

Living alone makes working from home much simpler. Whilst I love the place I live now, it can sometimes be hard to get as much done with constant distractions. When you have your own apartment, you're much more likely to sit down and get stuck into work, without the noise or distractions of housemates. I've found people often don't realise you're working - they think because you're at home, you're there to socialise. Whilst this isn't a bad thing, and it's lovely to have company, you'll probably find you get through your work in half the time when you live in your own apartment.


Lazy Weekend Lie Ins Are Blissful

No noise on weekend mornings has to be one of the best reasons for living on your own. Sure, you may have your boyfriend's snoring to contend with when he stays over, but that's nothing compared to the 8am clattering of plates from your gym-mad flatmate that you currently deal with. You can get up when you want; eat toast on the sofa in your PJs til lunchtime if you must.


Time for Pampering

Having a bathroom to yourself is great - no more queuing for the shower or bath, and you can use homemade face masks without your green face frightening anyone to death! Evenings after work can easily be turned into pamper time, whether that's time for hair colouring, eyebrow maintenance, a facial - the choice is yours. At least you won't have somebody knocking on the door every five minutes asking how much longer you're going to be in the bathroom!

So there you have it - 7 totally awesome reasons why living alone rocks. I move into my new apartment in two weeks' time and I can honestly say I can't wait! Do you enjoy living on your own or do you like having housemates?

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Now that all four of my children are grown and my better half is hardly home I love the peace and quiet..lol

Living alone is definitely something everyone should do once in their lifetime....Best benefit...You can sleep without any clothes, only your pet could judge you ;)

I would love to experience a life like that but right now its just me and my family

Everyone always asks me how lonely it is to live by myself. My response? I'm far from feeling lonely! I love living with just me, myself, and I (plus one four-legged friend). Occasional sleepovers with friends and the boyfriend are still a must though :)

I've been happily married for the last 20 years and love my husband dearly, but this article made me remember my days of independent single life with nostalgia! Thank you

Living alone can b great but can get lonely rather live with my boyfriend and having a day or to to my self once in a while.

Living and loving it!!

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