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7 Reasons Why the 90s Were the Best ...

By Artti

I can go on and on about why the 90s were the best. Music, food, children and even world events seemed livelier during the 90s. When I look back, the 90s were the calm before the technological storm that crashed over us in the Noughties. Here are a few more reasons, in my opinion, why the 90s were the best.

1 The Toys

The Toys Easy Bake Ovens, Polly Pocket and those strange Furbies (which are making a comeback apparently?) were just a few reasons as to why the 90s were the best. Sure there was no Leap Frog or iPads but that’s okay because the kids of the 90s had imagination and real fun! A summer in the 90s wasn’t complete without at least one water fight with Super Soaker water guns.

2 The Music

The Music No matter what your favourite type of music is, pop, rock, rap, hip hop, grunge, etc... the 90s were when all of these genres reached their peaks. Pop was extra pop-y, hip hop had extra hop to it... and we can’t forget Nirvana when we talk about 90s music. Even though the music videos for most these genres were ridiculous, they just made the music even that much better. Speaking of music videos, back in the 90s, MTV still actually played them!

3 The TV Shows

The TV Shows There’s a reason why there’s a spin off to Boy Meets World and Full House coming soon! 90’s TV shows were the best. There was conflict at the beginning of the episode, the climax was emotional and by the end of the show all was well again. Just like the 90s, TV shows were simpler and happier. Remember the Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell? I do!

4 The Clothes

The Clothes We can make fun of plaid flannel, babydoll dresses, platform shoes, and thigh high tights all we want, but they keep on recurring in fashion even today. 90’s fashion was ridiculous, over the top and oversized, but it also served to be self expression for youth. Today, fashion is blended all in to one blur where everyone dresses the same and shops at J.Crew.

5 The Movies

The Movies Titanic. I think I’ve said enough. We all have our top 10 or top 20 all time favourite movies and it's guaranteed that at least one of them is a movie from the 90s. Just like 90s TV shows, regardless if the genre was horror or rom-com, there was just a little more spark than in today’s movies.

6 The Food

The Food Vanilla Coke, Crystal Pepsi, French Toast Crunch... there were so many sugary, fatty, awesome foods from the nineties that have been discontinued. Now all people eat are kale chips and gluten free brownies. Please, take me back to a day when Doritos 3D still existed.

7 The Intimacy

The Intimacy The thing I miss the most about the 90s were the real face-to-face interactions rather than today’s Facebook and Twitter (and MySpace?) posts. Now, everything is done through social media and smart phones. In the Nineties, no-one was attached to their pagers or their cordless phones, it was all about what was happening in real time.

Every decade was awesome in its way but being a child of the 90s I’m a little bias. The sun always seemed to shine the brightest in the 90s! What was your favourite decade?

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