8 '90s Candies That I Loved ...


8 '90s Candies That I Loved ...
8 '90s Candies That I Loved ...

Out of all of the different years of candy, I'd have to say that '90s candies are some of the best candies in the world! When I was a little girl, I can remember eating everything from Nerds to breaking open a Wonder Ball on the best of days! If you grew up in the '90s, you know exactly what I am talking about! So, take a look at my top 8 '90s candies and let's relive a bit of our childhood!

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Ring Pops/Push Pops

Who doesn't love a ring pop or a push pop Oh man, these were huge in my neighborhood and still, this is one of my favorite '90s candies! I find myself still getting these awesome candies from the '90s. What's your favorite flavor?


Fun Dip

Fun Dip was another favorite '90s candy for me! I loved mixing and matching the flavors and those sticks? They were delicious! I still indulge in these when I am in for a movie night and just trying to relive a bit of my childhood. They are also going to be a staple when I have a kid! While it might have come out before the '90s, it was super popular in the '90s.



Whether you like it hot or you like it sour, Warheads have you covered! For me, I could never go with the hot ones, I always went for the ones that were so sour they made you wrinkle up your entire face. They were the fabric of my childhood! So good and challenging to eat!


Wonder Ball

I think that the best part about the Wonder Ball were all of the commercials that you saw! With a Wonder Ball you never knew exactly what you were getting! It was pulled from the shelves in 1997, but came back in 2000 and it's still a super popular candy.



If you've ever had a Nerd, you can thank the '90s for making them super popular! Nerds were actually created in the '80s, but they didn't really get super, super popular until the '90s. These were a staple of all candies in my childhood!

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Tootsie Caramel Apple Pop

Oh, these pops are still my favorite in the fall! They taste just like a caramel apple and seriously, they are delicious! Did you know that these actually came out in 1995? While I might not have gotten into them in the '90s, now I love them during the fall months, when apple picking is the best!


Charms Super Blow Pop

Charms has been around since the '80s and while they may have changed up the packaging a bit, blow pops were a staple in every '90s house that had kids! I love the fact that these little lollipops have gum in the middle, it's like two treats in one!


Whatchamacallit Bar

While this little bar might not have come out in the '90s, it was super popular then! It has caramel, peanut flavored crisp and a layer of chocolate. It's delicious and they are still around right now! It also makes a great and delish dessert addition, girls! Throw it into a cake or pie for that added crunch and surprise!

So, while a lot of these candies might not have come out in the '90s, they were super popular back then! I love all of these awesome '90s candies, what about you? What was your favorite?

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Kinder eggs!

I forgot how awesome Whachamacallits were! Great candy list.

hello what about jawbreakers? Pfft u guys dont no nothing

Spice girls lollipops!

Yes! Whatchamacallits were the best!

Whachs were my fav candy bar!

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