8 '90s Candies That I Loved ...

Heather Jensen

8 '90s Candies That I Loved ...

Out of all of the different years of candy, I'd have to say that '90s candies are some of the best candies in the world! When I was a little girl, I can remember eating everything from Nerds to breaking open a Wonder Ball on the best of days! If you grew up in the '90s, you know exactly what I am talking about! So, take a look at my top 8 '90s candies and let's relive a bit of our childhood!

1 Ring Pops/Push Pops

Who doesn't love a ring pop or a push pop Oh man, these were huge in my neighborhood and still, this is one of my favorite '90s candies! I find myself still getting these awesome candies from the '90s. What's your favorite flavor?

2 Fun Dip

Fun Dip was another favorite '90s candy for me! I loved mixing and matching the flavors and those sticks? They were delicious! I still indulge in these when I am in for a movie night and just trying to relive a bit of my childhood. They are also going to be a staple when I have a kid! While it might have come out before the '90s, it was super popular in the '90s.

3 Warheads

Whether you like it hot or you like it sour, Warheads have you covered! For me, I could never go with the hot ones, I always went for the ones that were so sour they made you wrinkle up your entire face. They were the fabric of my childhood! So good and challenging to eat!

4 Wonder Ball

I think that the best part about the Wonder Ball were all of the commercials that you saw! With a Wonder Ball you never knew exactly what you were getting! It was pulled from the shelves in 1997, but came back in 2000 and it's still a super popular candy.

5 Nerds

If you've ever had a Nerd, you can thank the '90s for making them super popular! Nerds were actually created in the '80s, but they didn't really get super, super popular until the '90s. These were a staple of all candies in my childhood!

6 Tootsie Caramel Apple Pop

Oh, these pops are still my favorite in the fall! They taste just like a caramel apple and seriously, they are delicious! Did you know that these actually came out in 1995? While I might not have gotten into them in the '90s, now I love them during the fall months, when apple picking is the best!

7 Charms Super Blow Pop

Charms has been around since the '80s and while they may have changed up the packaging a bit, blow pops were a staple in every '90s house that had kids! I love the fact that these little lollipops have gum in the middle, it's like two treats in one!

8 Whatchamacallit Bar

While this little bar might not have come out in the '90s, it was super popular then! It has caramel, peanut flavored crisp and a layer of chocolate. It's delicious and they are still around right now! It also makes a great and delish dessert addition, girls! Throw it into a cake or pie for that added crunch and surprise!

So, while a lot of these candies might not have come out in the '90s, they were super popular back then! I love all of these awesome '90s candies, what about you? What was your favorite?