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7 Reasons Why Being a Twin is Awesome ...

By Eliza

I’m a twin and I can attest to the fact that’s it’s pretty great, so here are my reasons why being a twin is awesome. Whether you know a set of twins, are having twins or are just curious, this list should help you understand the relationship between twins and it may even open your eyes to some of those twin quirks you can’t figure out. So stop asking yourself for reasons why being a twin is awesome because you’re about to find out.

1 Built in Best Friend

Remember those days when you clashed with everyone at school? Well, if you had a twin, you’d have someone to keep you company and have your back no matter what time of day. When nothing else goes right, my twin is always there to commiserate with, from the time we were kids and even now. That’s my top reason why being a twin is awesome. We’ve been best friends since before birth and we’ll never stop!

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2 It’s Fun to Trick People

My twin sister and I are technically fraternal, but we can pass for identical. We used to have great fun with this when we were younger because we could trick our friends and teachers by wearing the same clothes. Sometimes we went into the bathroom and switched clothes. Imagine that chaos. We could never get our parents, but twins can have fun by making others guess which is which. As adults, we don’t do that anymore, but it’s fun to reminisce.


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3 We Can Laugh at Misconceptions

No, my twin and I can’t read each other’s minds and we can’t tell when the other is hurt. But people always make that assumption and it’s a good time to laugh about it when we can. We do know each other very well so we can sometimes finish each other’s sentences, but that’s because we’re best friends. See reason #1. It’s also fun to chuckle when people ask if we’re the same age or if we were born on the same day.

4 We like the Same Things

We grew up together and we still enjoy the same leisure activities. Twins always have someone who is game for the same hobbies, movies or outings and it’s nice to know that no matter what crazy idea I have, there’s someone who is on board.

5 It Increases Competition

This might not sound awesome, but stay with me here. As I was growing up with my twin, we spurred each other to do our best because we each wanted to be the best. Twins often compete to be noticed and recognized as a separate person, so this competitiveness works as a great motivator to get each twin to do his or her best. No way was my twin getting a better math grade or a starting position on the basketball team if I wasn’t too, so I never slacked off.

6 We Have the Same Memories

For the first 20 years of life, my twin and I lived in the same house, many of those years sharing a bedroom. That means we have loads and loads of memories that are ours alone. It’s comforting to know that when I recall those nights pretending to sleep until the parents went to bed so we could get up and play, that my twin remembers too without having to tell a story first.

7 We Always Stick up for Each Other

It’s the age-old double standard. I can be mad at her and say snotty things, but woe betide the person who attempts to do the same. No matter which one was being picked on, the other was, and still is, there to put a stop to it. Oh how I recall the vivid red handprint on a classmate who dared to say something mean to me.

Do you know twins? Does their closeness make you jealous? I don’t know what I’d do without my twin and I bet all twins feel the same.

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