7 Reasons Why Nighttime is so Much Better than Daytime ...


As a night owl I can go on and on about why night is so much better than day, especially those summer nights when the weather is just right and there are still things you can do outside. While the daytime has its own allure, there is something enticing and charming about the nighttime. Just the overall atmosphere and ambiance are different, but in a good way! Here are some of the reasons why night is so much better than day.

1. Tranquility

Generally, busy streets and public places become very tranquil and peaceful at nighttime, which is why many people enjoy taking walks once the sun is down. Depending on where you are, all you hear are the sounds of cars and crickets, which can have very calming effects. I guess one of the main reasons why night is so much better is because we get the chance to enjoy peace and quiet in places you never would during daytime.

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