7 Reasons Why Life in Your Early Twenties is Actually a Bit Rubbish ...


If you've been told that life in your early 20s is great fun, and the best time of your life, then I'm afraid either you've been told wrong, or I'm doing it wrong. I'm not sure which. Have you seen Lena Dunham's hit show Girls? Well there's a reason it's been such a hit and that's because life in your early 20s really is that full of confusion, dodgy short sets and little mistakes you'd really, really rather forget.

1. Is the Good Stuff over Already?

This depends on the order you've chosen to do things in, but this for me is definitely one of the reasons why I've realised life in your early 20s is actually a little bit rubbish. I've had three amazing years at uni, where I met some wonderful people, learned a lot and worked a bit too - but mainly, I just had a jolly good time. Working full time has come as quite the shock to the system, and when you think about those long years of the 9-5 stretched out before you, it can feel like you've peaked already.

I Have No Money