7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Be Addicted to Social Media ...


While being addicted to social media can be time-consuming, there are still benefits to surfing this side of the web. Using your time wisely, as well as taking measures to protect your privacy, will go a long way in making your online experience enjoyable. It is all about doing things in moderation; it is vital to balance time spent online with outside adventures. With these lighthearted reasons on why it's okay to be addicted to social media, you will see that having accounts on certain sites can pay off in the long run.

1. Keeping in Touch

One of the benefits of being addicted to social media is that it makes it easier to keep in touch with people. It's highly gratifying to hear from old friends who may have had a hard time in the past but are now prosperous and well; I love seeing that people are happy with how their lives turned out. Social media websites are a great way to bridge the gap between your old and new life.

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