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7 Reasons Why I Love Tom Hardy and Why You Should Too ...

By Cassandra

The amount of reasons why I love Tom Hardy seems to expand with every new project that he takes part in. As an avid fan since his days as Praetor Shinzon in “Star Trek: Nemesis” (2002), I've found myself being utterly enthralled by each role that he has played since then. The way in which this talented British actor seems to deconstruct and rebuild each character that he portrays is beguiling. Being able to effectively encapsulate diverse personalities while separating them from one's own consciousness is not a feat that many actors can truthfully claim. There are many highlights of his career that explain the reasons why I love Tom Hardy.

1 Brilliant Actor

I was first introduced to the term “method acting” when reading articles featuring this brilliant actor; after learning about the specificity that this entails, his choice to partake in a style similar to this type of acting became one of the top reasons why I love Tom Hardy. Method acting involves the complete embodiment of your character, both on and off stage. While Tom Hardy has never explicitly stated that he is a method actor, his hard work surely speaks for itself. Watch his portrayal of diverse characters and you will be sure to agree that he is one of the most brilliant actors around!

2 The Portrayal

Two of my favorite fictional characters of all time are Eames from “Inception” (2010) and Bane from “Dark Knight Rises” (2013), both of whom are played by this talented actor. With every role, he goes through drastic physical changes in order to best represent his idea of how the character should look or act like. When comparing his appearance in fictionalized biography “Bronson” to the crime film “RocknRolla” (2008), I can't help but applaud his commitment/dedication to his craft.

3 Everyone Loves a Comedian

Based on his interviews alone, Tom Hardy seems to be quite the comedian. Watch his interview on “Chatty Man” and you will see that his laughter truly is infectious! I admire how down-to-earth and approachable he seems. His caring nature was confirmed when he and his fiancée Charlotte Riley surprised a fan who has cancer with a lunch date.

4 Animal-lover

I always get excited at the prospect of Mr. Hardy being an animal-lover. This most likely led to his involvement in the drama film “Animal Rescue”; set for release in 2014, it will revolve around a lost dog and a scam artist. As one of the final works of the late James Gandolfini, I will be sure to catch this film when it is released.

5 War against Poaching

His love of animals brings me to my next point. Outraged by the instances of poaching going on in Africa, Tom Hardy decided to take action. British public service network ITV recently released this statement by Controller of Factual Jo Clinton-Davis: "Tom Hardy's palpable concern and commitment to shedding light on what is happening and what the answers might be allow him to bring this reality home in a way that we believe will resonate powerfully with our audience." Filming a documentary that is aimed to expose poachers, his advocacy for animal rights is highly inspiring. Be sure to catch the “Poaching Wars” series when it debuts this year!

6 The Rapper, the Family Man

Watch hilarity ensue in one of the funniest videos to ever grace YouTube. Tom Hardy is seen rapping with his adorable son securely strapped to his chest. Although being honored at the 2011 Bafta awards, Hardy chose to skip the event in order to spend his remaining time at home with his family before heading off to film “Dark Knight Rises”. Choosing to put his family before his career is highly commendable. Take caution when watching the video as it may contain a few strong words.

7 I'm so Vain, I Probably Think This Song is about Me

Ladies, take a look at Tom Hardy in any film that he has appeared in. Do I really need to explain this next reason any further?

In addition to his handsome features, Tom Hardy's succinct abilities as a more than capable actor grow with every complex role that he takes. It is humbling to see how each intricately defined character shows off different aspects of his talent. What is your favorite film featuring this amazing actor?

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