7 Reasons Why Holiday Cards Are Still in ...

Cris Evert Lato Ruffolo

7 Reasons Why Holiday Cards Are Still in ...

Whether you bought it from Hallmark or had a graphic artist design a card bearing a happy photo of you and your family, the old-fashioned gals among us have our respective reasons why holiday cards are still in, even in this day of iPad/iPod craze. I grew up making Christmas and birthday cards to give to my parents and my siblings, so holiday cards have a special sentimental value in my heart. Here are seven reasons why holiday cards are still in:

1 Hard Copy Rules

I treat holiday cards – and birthday cards and postcards, for that matter – as sacred keepsakes. I don’t throw them away. I keep them. Every single card and letter that my husband gave to me is placed in a special box and clear folders. One of my reasons why holiday cards are still in is because it is always great to have a hard copy of letters and cards so I can put them in a scrapbook. One day, my children and grandchildren will see these masterpieces and will hopefully see why their Mother/Grandmother loved their Father/Grandfather so much.

2 Time-old Tradition

Like writing love letters, I think that giving Holiday cards is a great way to honor tradition and history. It also makes you remember the good times when people actually took time to write their feelings beside generic messages that were made by greeting companies’ writers. I always love going back to my parents’ house (the one where I spent time as a child and as a teenager) because it is filled with so many cards from different seasons and occasions.

3 Extra Effort to Send One

When a person sends you a Christmas card, trust that the person actually thought of you. I mean, even if he sent the same card and message to a thousand individuals, he still thought of you because you are on the list! It takes extra effort to send a Christmas card so don’t forget to send a “thank you” note when you receive one. Feedback from the receiver will make the sender feel good.

4 Snail Mail Charm

I send postcards to myself – and yes, I write to myself. Weird as it is to many, I think that what I’m doing is a reflective exercise so that when I get home days and weeks after my travel, I remember my adventures by reading what I wrote. And…there’s no substitute to post office stamps and the anticipation that something will arrive in my mailbox.

5 Handwritten Message

I don’t have the world’s most legible penmanship but I still write in holiday cards. The reason for this bold behavior is marked by pure intention (ha!). I’d like the recipient of the card to know what she means to me. Because she is important, I did spend time to scribble my thoughts into words. Now, it’s up to her to decipher hieroglyphics.

6 Fun and Easy

It’s easy because you can choose from a variety of options and pick it up straight from the rack. On this note, some may say it’s impersonal. Well, that’s why you write on it too, so you combine fun into the whole mix. Whatever card you buy, make sure to write something in it. Make the receiver feel that it’s you talking and not Jane Austen.

7 Meaningful, Memorable

Lastly, because of the reasons I outlined above, holiday cards provide meaning and build memories this holiday season. How many are still sending cards these days anyway?

Have you sent anyone a Christmas card?