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7 Reasons to Use Soap Nuts to do Your Laundry ...

By Chelsie

If some of the ingredients in your laundry detergent have you questioning their safety, you may want to consider using soap nuts. Soap nuts are the shell of a berry that grows on the soap nut tree. They contain a natural soap called saponin that penetrates the fibers in clothes and lifts away dirt. Soap nuts are a great way to clean your clothes, and there are many benefits to switching to them.

1 Eco-friendly

One of the most common reasons people begin using soap nuts is because they are eco-friendly. Unlike most laundry soaps, soap nuts do not contain any ingredients that could potentially harm the environment. Ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and methylisothiazolinone can damage aquatic environments. Soap nuts are completely natural and don’t contain any of the environmentally damaging ingredients. Additionally, they are not manufactured in a factory, so there is very little pollution associated with using soap nuts.

2 No Harmful Ingredients

While many ingredients in common laundry detergents are harmful for the environment, they are also known to cause health problems. Many laundry detergents found in the grocery store contain ingredients that are carcinogenic, damage DNA, or act as endocrine disruptors. Soap nuts do not contain any harmful ingredients. Rather, they clean your clothes with naturally occurring saponin.

3 Great for Allergies and Sensitive Skin

Fragrance, dyes, and other ingredients found in laundry detergents can cause allergic reactions and irritate people with skin sensitivities. Thankfully, soap nuts do not contain irritating ingredients, and they are safe to use for people with eczema, allergies, psoriasis, and sensitive skin. You can even use them to wash baby clothes, and you don’t have to worry about nut allergies because, despite their name, soap nuts are actually berries.

4 Cost Effective

Many environmentally friendly laundry detergents are extremely expensive, which makes them difficult for many people to afford. Soap nuts are very budget friendly. They cost about 9 cents per load, which is much less than most laundry detergents. Many laundry detergents are 30 cents per load, and some cost up to 50 cents a load. Because soap nuts are reusable, you can use them until they don’t produce any more soap, which can be five loads or more!

5 Easy and Light

Soap nuts are extremely easy to use. There is no measuring or pouring. You just put 4 to 5 soap nuts in a little bag and throw it in the washer. In addition to being easy to use, soap nuts are light, which makes them great for those of you who have to use a laundromat. No more hauling heavy laundry detergents around!

6 Multiple Uses

Soap nuts can be used for more than just laundry. You can use them to hand wash dishes, clean countertops, and even clean jewelry. You just have to make a liquid detergent from the nuts, which is easy. The recipe can be found at Crunchy Betty.

7 Fun

I know laundry isn’t that fun to do, but the first few times you use soap nuts, you will be entertained. I first saw them at a farmer’s market, and I thought it was fascinating the way soap bubbles came out of these little berries. Because they are entertaining to use, you may be able to get your kids interested in doing laundry!

Soap nuts are a fantastic alternative to traditional laundry detergent. They don’t contain harmful ingredients, and they are even cost effective. Would you consider switching to soap nuts to do your laundry?


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