7 Reasons to Love Technology ...


7 Reasons to Love Technology ...
7 Reasons to Love Technology ...

Reasons to love technology are numerous, and great, and rock solid, some of them are even pretty obvious but more on that later on. Now, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in a time in which all of those things you now use without thinking didn’t exist, you probably understand how important technology is for all of us living in today’s society. But why love technology when there are so many cons to consider as well? Well, here are a few reasons to love technology I need to point out.

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It Lets You Have More Free Time

Try to put yourself in your grandma’s or, even better, great-grandma’s, shoes – no dishwasher, no washer, no blender, mixer, Crockpot, microwave oven! I’m tempted to add “no TV” as well but it makes no difference - a woman living without all of this modern tech couldn’t care less about a TV, she didn’t even have time to watch it! We will presume she did have running water and, in case of your great-great grandma, even that’s a stretch! Horrible, isn’t it? I can’t even imagine what it would be like to do everything by hand and I’m sure you can’t either. We can just shrug it off with an “oh, well…different times” and continue to read our books, watch our TV shows, play with the children or paint our nails to the background music of our appliances doing their work. And that’s one those great reasons to love technology, isn’t it?


It Makes You Smarter

Books used to be a privilege of the rich but that all changed with the technical revolution and progressed even further in the years that followed. We not only have books and education our non-noble ancestors could only dream of, but means to seek and single out information in a heartbeat, which is something not even our parents could do as easily. Ebooks, audiobooks, Internet – we have this huge poll of all kinds of knowledge! History, religion, art, languages, science, useful facts and things you may never get to use but want to know just for the fun of it – all easily accessible and waiting for the eager and the willing!


It Helps You Keep in Touch

Imagine having to write a letter to your friend, wait like a month for it to arrive, then another month to get a reply! Ugh! Now imagine having to go through all that even if you don’t enjoy reading or writing! And there you are wondering why to love technology! Enough said! Think about it the next time you grab your phone and take time to notice how much easier it is for us now to keep in touch with friends and family, even if they live on a different side of the globe.


It’s Fun

It’s a very simple reason to love technology but it sure is an important one. We’ve got TV, music, news, gossips, games all in the palm of our hands! We can record our favorite TV shows, buy and rent movies and spend a fun evening at home, relaxing after a busy day at work. It does make us less outgoing and sociable than our grandparents, but also allows us to have a good time even when we’re not in the mood for company and suits the needs of a modern human who works more and stresses more.


It Gives You Better Opportunities

Relocating for professional reasons is pretty much a standard thing nowadays! But how would you know about that awesome job opening in France, for example, if things such as phone, email, fax didn’t exist? Sure, people did relocate in search for a better job even in the days of Pony Express, but their mission was way riskier and the outcome unknown. You don’t need to worry yourself with such things nowadays because you don’t only get to make sure the job is yours before you start packing your bags, but you can rent a place, book a plane ticket and even sell or donate your furniture, all in a day’s time. Modern ways of communication have even brought us tons of job opportunities that haven’t existed before. Freelancing, for example! And you don’t need me to explain exactly how interesting, not to mention rewarding it is to be able to employ your skills globally – do you?


It Helps You Be “Greener”

Modern ways of communication and data transfer require a lot less paper, which I honestly believe means there’s a tree out there (or even better, a whole forest) living happily ever after. But that’s hardly all of it! I’ve even decided to go a step further and purchase only the books I really find amazing and would like to encourage all of you fellow book worms to do the same. I get all of my reads in eBook format, read them and then decide on whether I want them or not. It helps me get more books for the same amount of money, allows me to have a library that’s free of all those books that are pretty much useless after the first read and there are less trees being cut down to be processed into paper. I may not contribute much on global scale but at least I’m trying and I have tech to thank for being able to do it without having to give up my favorite hobby.


It Saves Time and Money

Technology helps you organize your life and work better, allows you to access information the moment you need it, helps you buy and sell stuff easier, enables you to find the best price for the items you need. Time is money, let’s not forget that. But that’s not where the story ends! Modern tools and techniques, quality control methods, mass production even in the field of technologically very advanced products – all of those things are tied together and enable us to get a better product for the least amount of money!

Still wondering why to love technology? Well, why not? Can you imagine yourself living without all of those gadgets that seem so normal nowadays? I certainly can’t!

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Actually, when I first moved to holland from South Africa I had to keep in touch with friends via letters. When I was younger, we were one of few families with a computer, and kids tv was only on for an hour a day, we had 4 channels. Also, technology is kind of useless without electricity, and we had many blackouts. Some rural South African communities still have no power and scarcely running water. Technology can be a blessing, sure, nowadays I can afford to phone my grandma because telephoning is cheaper, and Facebook allows me to know what old friends and cousins are up to. But I can't help but feel that many important things have lost their value due to technology. I'm not that old, I'm 26.

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