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While some people look down upon bitches, there are some many reasons it is great to be a bitch. Being a bitch gives you so much freedom in life. In my opinion, women who are considered bitches have tons of great qualities that they should be proud of. So if you think you are a bitch, take pride in it and enjoy all of the many reasons it is great to be a bitch.

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You Can Be Honest

Most of the time, if you are stating your mind without holding back, you are considered to be a bitch. If your friend asks if you think her dress makes her look fat and you say yes, you might seem bitchy but you are just being honest. That is one of the best reasons it is great to be a bitch, you can speak your mind and be honest without caring about the consequences.


You Are Confident

Another amazing perk of being a bitch is that you exude tons of confidence. Being a bitch means walking around like you own the place. You know you are awesome and you like everyone around you to know as well. So next time someone calls you a bitch, thank them. They just called you confident.


You Don’t Need Approval

Bitches don’t really care what others think of them. You will say and do what you want to, regardless of others' opinions. There is a certain freedom that comes along with being a bitch and not being held back by others.


You Get What You Want

When women are working to get what they want in the workplace, they are considered bitches. It has been seen time after time with women like Hilary Clinton who are considered bitches because they are tough in the office. But it is not necessarily a bad thing. Bitches in the boardrooms are becoming more and more common and it is more acceptable to be a bitch to be successful.


Being a “bitch” in the workplace is becoming increasingly accepted and expected. In fact, many successful women have embraced the term and use it to their advantage. Women like Hilary Clinton have been labeled as “bitches” for being tough and outspoken in the office. However, there are many reasons why it is great to be a “bitch” in the workplace.

First, being a “bitch” can help you stand out from the crowd. It takes courage to speak up and be assertive in a male-dominated workplace, and doing so can make you stand out from the rest. It can also help you get noticed for promotions and other opportunities.

Second, being a “bitch” can help you get what you want. If you are willing to speak up and be assertive, you can get what you want in the workplace. You will not take no for an answer, and you will be more likely to succeed.

Third, being a “bitch” can help you build relationships. People will respect you more if you are willing to be honest and direct. You will also be able to build stronger relationships with your colleagues and superiors.


You Can Be Assertive

Going along with getting what you want, if you are assertive, you are probably considered a bitch. You know what you want and you are not afraid to be assertive to get it. You will speak up in meetings, tell your friends what you actually think, and will send food back if the waiter messed up.


Being assertive is about standing strong in your convictions, not shying away from voicing your needs or concerns. It's about having the courage to negotiate for a raise because you know your worth—and not settling for less. It's about drawing boundaries in relationships with grace and firmness. Those who label you a bitch for asserting yourself are often uncomfortable with the contrast to their own passivity or indecision. In reality, assertiveness is a positive, self-affirming attribute that fosters respect. Those who embrace it are the trailblazers, setting the stage for others to follow.


You Don’t Need to Apologize

People may be offended that you are a bitch. So let them be offended. If they can’t deal with you as you are, you blow it off. To be a bitch means that you are not sorry for the way you act. You are going to be yourself and you should not apologize for it.


You Don’t Have to Hold Back

Being a bitch means that you get to show all of you. You are not afraid to hold back your opinions, hold back on doing what you want, or hold back on having fun. Being a bitch means living your life to the fullest with a no holds barred attitude.

I would consider myself a bitch, and my friends probably would too. But I am not ashamed of it. I am proud to be a bitch and I fully enjoy all of the perks of being a bitch. What do you think are some other reasons it’s great to be a bitch? Would you consider yourself to be a bitch? Do you think it is okay for someone to be a bitch?

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Do you women here who don't mind being insulted with the word bitch understand its meanings? I'm sure most of you here would change your mind if you looked up the literal meanings of the word. Just because you are successful or strong minded woman doesn't mean you are a bitch. You can have your own opinions and share them without being brutally honest. It's not about being a bitch verses a push over... it's finding a medium between them. I really hope some of you can change your opinions on being called a bitch because it is nothing but insulting to us.

I must admit that I like been one .. I'm free in all concepts ...

Best tip ever

You can do all of these things in a way that still makes you seem nice.

There's a difference between being a bitch and being assertive and confident. A bitch is rude about the way they get what they want.. You can be nice and still get whatever you want as well as be confident. I think the message you meant to send readers was garbled when you typed the word bitch.

I thought this was great! Well said!

The whole post is so Blair and I love that bitch :)

I am proud to be a bitch!

I consiider myself beiin a biitch at tiimes, iits ok for women to b a biitch but n a qood way.

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