7 Reasons as to Why People Love Twitter like There's No Tomorrow ...


Do you ever wonder why people love Twitter? Well, Twitter is a way of catching up on the latest news, following your friends that you want to keep tabs on, and fostering the hash-tag phenomenon. The application is simple and is downloadable on your mobile device so that you can “stalk” your favorite celebs and see what your favorite companies have to offer. If you’re ever interested in going out and spending a night out on the town in New York City, for example, people, restaurants, and clubs are always promoting and sharing what they have planned for the upcoming week. They might share their special dishes, who’s performing, and so on and so forth. If you like it for the news, the celebs, or just to vent as you post, you can see why people love Twitter.

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Twitter does one thing and does it well, which is why people love Twitter. Twitter is all about quick reads, not about extended discussion. It’s easy to scroll through and read top headlines or updates from your friends. Less is more. Twitter is the type of website that you are able to click through and figure it all out by yourself; no social media expert has to be hired to help you navigate. The simple sharing format allows for you to share the good, and the bad, about yourself, your business, and all other aspects of life.


Follow Your Favorite Celebs

Get to know your favorite celebrities. The Twitter world is an overwhelming place, which is clearly no surprise since everyone and the rest of his or her family has an account. Get the latest updates from celebs and professional athletes such as the Kardashian sisters or New York Knicks player J.R. Smith. Through Twitter you will be able to view these celebs' pictures and updates. Whether it be a new movie the celeb is working on or your favorite sports player being traded, you’re able to get the latest news.


Receive Re-Tweets and Replies from Your Favorites

There are many different ways to retweet, receive retweets, or receive a reply. If you’re trying to get your business known, keep retweeting the important information about your new startup business that you find important for others to know. If you would like to ask your favorite celebrity a question, you may receive a retweet in reply as a notice that he or she has read and acknowledged your tweet, receive an actual reply, or unfortunately never hear from him or her. Retweets and replies make Twitter that much more interesting and exciting.


News Networks

Although it may not be the fastest way to get the national and international news, people are able to retrieve news by following the many news networks that have an account with Twitter. Twitter allows you to follow accounts and get news from networks such as @CNNlive to receive news on live events and breaking news, @Forbes to get news on the world’s business leaders, and @NYTimes to read up on special reports. Get inside information on new news and technology fast. News networks are creating an incredible information network through Twitter that accelerates awareness.


Deals and Discounts

Twitter has been taking center stage throughout the year, especially during the holiday season, in retailers’ strategies. Twitter is being used as a supporting role to rid retailers of items that need to be sold at the end of the season to make room for the new shipments for the upcoming season. The same goes for older models of cell phones, TVs, or computers. For example, Best Buy not only bought ads on Twitter to advertise the superstore, the electronics retailer kept Tweeting about promotions and deals. Twitter has become important to shoppers. Shoppers are able to receive and read about the deals and promotions as well as spread the news with friends and family. Personally, I follow a bunch of different airlines to see what each airline has to offer, as well as my favorite stores. You never know how much you can save just by following your favorite retailers on Twitter.

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Whenever a new user is welcomed to Twitter, the first set of recommendations seen is the recommendations of whom to follow. Twitter has much more to offer and recommend than just whom to follow. If you don’t know what to cook up for dinner or what to do on a Saturday night, it’s easy to search for recommendations on Twitter. If you want dinner ideas, search #dinnerideas; or if you want to know what Los Angeles nightlife has to offer, search #LAnightlife. The more you use your Twitter account and the more people, businesses, celebs, and news networks you begin to follow, the more tailored suggestions you will see.



Twitter is, among many other things, a place to vent and just say little things that are on your mind. Only the person’s followers will be able to see what he or she is talking and venting about, so if you’re not interested in what the person has to say then it’s as simple as not following that person. Although venting is not seen as doing business or networking, it is still a way to put Twitter to use and get more people to make an account. When individuals vent via Twitter, it is seen as therapeutic and a way of releasing stress. Twitter is the reason for some people’s sanity.

Twitter is evolving and becoming more and more useful and popular. Back when Twitter began, no one really knew that it would grow to be so big. People are now tweeting left and right. The use of the application is based on a person’s wants. There is no one person that dictates what should or should not be written. Twitter allows you to share ideas, collaborate with other writers, share information whether it be jokes, pictures, or news, it allows people to get inspired, and to get businesses known. What are some of the reasons you love Twitter?

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I like that iPhone case in the picture (:

One of my friends really likes Instagram, she had asked me to create an account. So I did just to please her, but it didn't really amuse me. I like it, but I'm addicted to FB and Pinterest.

I can never really get addicted to twitter.. i never have any thoughts to say and if i do its nothinng interesting lol

Hm somehow i do not get twitter addiction at all...never liked it

i still don't get it

I'm a total twitter addict lol I admit

I'm a Facebook user, I kind of wish I didn't even use that. Social networking sites are addictive and annoying so I've decided to not even make a twitter account. also I'm not really one of them people that loves all the latest celeb goss. Facebook is for friends, twitter is for celebrity hype.

omg i twitter

I only use twitter for big brother updates. Other than that I don't really like it

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