6 Awesome Reasons to Keep Your Childhood Stuff ...


6 Awesome Reasons to Keep Your Childhood Stuff ...
6 Awesome Reasons to Keep Your Childhood Stuff ...

There are loads of reasons to keep your childhood stuff. If you’ve been cleaning out your closet, good for you. If you’ve found a million forgotten treasures from your childhood while cleaning and you can’t choose what to keep or toss, we’re here to help. Here are 8 deciding reasons to keep your childhood stuff.

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It Complements Your Decor

Sometimes kidhood toys make for a cool addition to your room. Fluffy stuffed animals can be added amongst your throw pillows for a soft, but chic look. Similarly, smaller trinkets, like action figures can be posed on your bookshelves. Toys can be a great touch of whimsy or pop of color. And that's one of the best reasons to keep your childhood stuff.


You Can Repurpose It Another Way

If you can fashion your baubles into something new, or use your clutter in a craft, it might be worth hanging on to. The artsiest use for your stuff might not be immediately obvious, but rest assured the Internet has thought of everything. Among the neatest ideas are a metallically spray-painted, race car embellished mirror, and dinosaur drawer pulls!


They Might Be Worth Cash

Did you know that your old Polly Pockets have increased in value up to 2837.50%? Holy wow! A recent study has compiled a list of the most valuable vintage collectibles, including Pokémon cards and, you guessed it, Beanie Babies. Posting your old stuff online might earn you a pretty penny if it's grown in value over time.


You’d like to Pass It down

Maybe a particular item has been gathering dust, not because you don’t care to use it anymore, but because you’re saving it to pass down to someone. That’s a great way to connect generations, and gift a friend or family member some of the fun you had back in the day.


It's Sentimental

Some objects are filled with memories. If you find a particular memento that is commemorative of a loved one or a special time in your life that you’d like to keep close, then do so. If, however, you think your keepsake will end up discarded with the dust bunnies again, sooner than later, it’s probably time to find it a new home.


You Just Really like It

Okay, do you need it? No. Is it worth much, monetarily? Nope. But you really, really like it. You’d forgotten how much this thing made you happy, and you’d like to incorporate it back into your free time or have it nearby to make you smile. If that’s the case, then you should totally keep your little treasure. Consider it a reward for cleaning up!

If you answered 'no' or ‘eh’ to most of these, then definitely consider donating your gently used stuff. Someone else might think it’s as great as you did! If it's broken or especially shabby, though, don’t feel bad about trashing it. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief once your space is clean and junk-free, for sure.

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