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24 Reasons Fall Should Make You Smile ...

By Damito

There is nothing in this world that beats the smells and sights of the fall season. To me fall is more of a lifestyle than just a season. It brings cooler weather. The time has come to dig the boots from the bottom of the closet, dust them off, and rock those babies. And don’t forget those sweaters. Here is a list of reasons you should always smile for fall:

1 Autumn, as a Word by Itself, is an Elegant Way to Illustrate This Beautiful Season. Just Saying the Word Sounds Beautiful

2 The Colors of Fall Makes Photos of Lakes Look like They Have Been Painted on a Canvas

3 Two Words: Comfort Food. This is the Time for Casseroles Made from Those Wonderful Fall Squashes like Butternut

4 Most People Might Disagree but It’s Time for EVERYTHING Pumpkin Flavored

5 Pouring That Bag of Candy Corn into a Bowl and Making the Room Smell like Happiness and Cake

6 Two More Words: Salted Caramel. Fall Used to Be the Time for This Wonderful Flavor but You Can Find It Year round Now

7 Time for Those Sticky, Sweet, Crunchy Caramel Apples

8 I Love the Smell of Rain Any Time of the Year. There is Just Something about the Smell of Rain during Fall That is Just Better than Any Other Time

9 Those Cooler Nights Mean It’s Time to Bring out Those Warm, Comfy Sweaters That Make You Feel Cozy

10 Autumn Colors Will Dress up Old Weathered Barns and Buildings. It Gives Them a Whole New Life

11 Now’s the Time to Take a Road Trip with the Top down to Smell That Cool, Crisp, Air. There’s Nothing Better

12 Take That Ride up to the Top of a Mountain at Sunset and Watch the Orange Sun Go behind That Mountain Full of Color. It’s Breath-Taking and Awe Inspiring

13 Sitting down with a Warm Cup of Coffee, Warm Cup of Tea, or Warm Cup of Cider, and Taking That First Sip. Just Take a Moment to Really Think about and Savor It. Feel Its Warmth Fill Your Soul

14 Stirring Cinnamon into Your Favorite Dishes Just Fills the Senses with Warmth and Love

15 That First Cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte

16 Fall Means Pumpkins. Pumpkins Mean Jack-O-Lanterns. Jack-O-Lanterns Mean Halloween. Those Spooky, Smiling, Glowing Faces Always Make Me Smile

17 Watching All the Dogs at the Dog Park Playing with the Falling Leaves

18 You Playing along with Your Dog Making the Leaves Crunch is a Sound That Makes My Heart Smile

19 S’mores Can Be Eaten Any Time of the Year but during Fall, They Just Smell and Taste Even Better

20 Going to Your Local Apple Orchard and Picking an Apple off the Tree. Don’t Wait until You Get Home. Go Ahead and Take a Huge Bite out of That Juicy Piece of Fruit

21 What Other Time of Year Can You Get by with Riding around on Bales of Hay?

22 Watching the Sunset at Night Amongst All the Orange and Red on the Tress Just Makes Everything More Brilliant

23 Stepping into the House after an Evening Walk and Smelling That Warm Soup Simmering Away on the Stove

24 No Better Way to End the Day than Snuggling in Front of a Roaring Fire under Blankets with the One You Love

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