Important Reasons Why You Should Live Close to Trees ...

Trees are not only some of nature’s most spectacular creations, but they also look beautiful throughout all seasons and seed some delicious fruit. If you live in a built-up city then you might not see the true beauty of trees - you may just have the odd one planted in the sidewalk on your way to work. However much you may love city life, there are actually reasons why you should live close to trees. Here are a few.

1. Trees Make Us Happy

Who’d have thought it! Trees can actually make us happier. A study in London found that antidepressants were prescribed significantly less in places where there were more trees around. And why is this do we think? Well, trees are said to have a positive influence on our mental state.

In Japan, people go ‘forest bathing’. This practice involves people walking among the trees to boost their immune system and to spend quiet time absorbing the wisdom of ancient trees. Many meditate beneath the trees in an effort to have their negative energies absorbed and replaced with happy, positive and healthy energy. So if you’re feeling down, go and relax under a tree.