7 Reasons to Get Rid of Clutter in the Bedroom ...


There are many reasons to get rid of clutter in the bedroom. Clutter isn’t a good idea anywhere in your house but it seems to gather more readily in the bedroom; at least this is the case at my house. Maybe this is because it is the room I tend to clean last. See if any of these reasons to get rid of clutter apply to you and your bedroom.

1. It Collects Dust

Clutter collects dust. Dust is unsightly and for allergy sufferers such as myself, it's the enemy. Allowing clutter to accumulate in my bedroom is not a wise decision for my health. Although I will admit that a little clutter gathers from time to time, this has been one of the great reasons to get rid of clutter for me. One way I do this is by making a practice of putting things in their place.

It Does Not Promote Rest
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