7 Reasons to Get Excited for February ...


7 Reasons to Get Excited for February ...
7 Reasons to Get Excited for February ...

Get excited for February, the month when everything gets a little hotter. As the winter snow starts to melt, so do our hearts as we dive into Valentine's Day! This is a month to cement new fitness plans and stock up on new wardrobe essentials to get ready for the spring season. This is a sizzling month guaranteed to boost your relationships, so get excited for February! Here’s what’s hot this 2015!

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Fifty Shades of Grey (UK Release – Feb 13th)

Fifty Shades of Grey (UK Release – Feb 13th) Yes girls, the long awaited Fifty Shades of Grey will be showing at a cinema near you. If you haven’t already read the books, above is a little teaser to whet your appetite. This trilogy features a young woman who falls in love with the notorious Christian Grey in this kinky romance. Not for the feint hearted or shy, so grab a girl pal and head on over to the flicks. This film is my number one reason to get excited for February.


Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday – Feb 17th)

Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday – Feb 17th) For those of you ready to embark on Lent, Pancake Day traditionally marks the last day before a period of abstinence. But religious or not, there has never been a better reason to gorge yourself on yummy pancakes. My favourites are lemon and sugar, but I am also partial to the odd Nutella or Feta cheese with caramelised onion pancakes. What’s your favourite pancakes topping?


Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)

Valentine's Day (Feb 14th) The great thing about Valentine's Day is that you get to spend it with people you love. I always tend to spend it staying in and cooking dinner for my lover or watching chick flicks with my best buddies. Plus I'll take any excuse to wear my favourite colour, red, and pair it with some lippy. This is the perfect excuse to go the extra mile for the one you love.


Chinese New Year (Feb 19th)

Chinese New Year (Feb 19th) I love eating Dim Sum so I'm a big fan of Chinese New Year, as it means I can indulge in my favourite food. In London, China Town always has a big celebration event with parades, Chinese dragons and traditional entertainment; it’s a lot of fun. You could always celebrate at home by setting off lanterns into the night sky and making wishes for 2015, the Year of the Sheep.


Better Shape up

Better Shape up February is the perfect month to focus on your fitness regime that you started. Treat yourself to some new workout clothes and then prepare to get sweaty. Take a long run outside and with each step, burn off the months of excess food and hibernation. Follow up with a daily dose of yoga and you will soon be a lean, mean fitness machines – ready for the Valentine's fun!


Work That Wardrobe

Work That Wardrobe Technically February is not quite spring time – yet whilst it is still cold enough to keep you mostly indoors, now is the perfect time to take stock of your wardrobe and to chuck out the old – get ready for a new season of clothes.


Last of the Winter Snow

Last of the Winter Snow Before the snow starts to melt, make the most of the open ski slopes. Whether you are a ski bunny or more a snowboarding babe – DO hit the slopes. Don’t forget to follow up with a hot chocolate, hot tub and après ski fun!

There are so many reasons to get excited for February. I really believe this a fun and feisty month, which celebrates good food and good times. Make sure you gather your loved ones close and make the most of the different festivities. And whatever you choose to do, make sure you don’t miss out on the Christian Grey action. What will you be doing this February?

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Excited for the walking dead

its actually the year of the goat there is no sheep :)

Mine is the 19th☺️lol

Last of the winter snow yea right, try feb-March the last of the winter snow (Canada)

Mine is feb 28 ahh

My Bday is Feb 5th I'm soooooo excited!!!!

My Bday month! feb 9th happy bday y'all! 🎂

Three things to add to the list. 1) The Walking Dead on the 8th! 2) Better Call Saul premiere on the 8th!! 3) My hubby's bday on the 8th!!!

In UK we can have snow in April still! :/

I look forward to my bday, 22nd

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