7 Reasons to Keep Old Family Photos ...


Now that we can take photos in a digital format, we rarely bother printing out copies to keep. Why bother paying for prints when you can store thousands on your computer or phone and look at them any time you like? But if you have any old family photos, it's always worth hanging on to them. Old photos may not have the quality of digital snaps, but they're worth keeping for a number of reasons …

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Old family photos are a wonderful keepsake. They're irreplaceable; unlike digital photos you can't take another one. The people in them are probably long gone, so looking at photos is a wonderful way of remembering them. Family photos will also be a great keepsake to pass on to your own kids, and you can tell them about ancestors that they never met.


Family snapshots also serve as visual narratives, stitching together generational stories that may otherwise be lost. These photographs capture moments in time that define your family’s heritage, from quaint childhood antics to grand celebrations. Immersing yourself in these captured memories allows you to traverse time, providing a sensorial connection to your lineage. Moreover, holding a photograph in your hands creates an intimate interaction that digital images cannot replicate, fostering a deeper appreciation of your family's journey through the ages.



Old family photos can also be extremely amusing, especially if you're in them and have a good sense of humor! Looking back at the awful outfits you wore and the dreadful haircuts your parents made you have as a child will make you snigger (and swear that you're going to get your revenge by dumping them in a horrible retirement home).



Family photos are also interesting if you're a history buff. They'll show you things like the fashions people wore and the vehicles they drove. Pictures may have been taken on important occasions or feature significant family events. You can deduce all kinds of facts and information from looking at family pictures from the past.


Knowing Your Relatives

Did you never meet your grandparents or great-grandparents? Looking at family photos is a way of getting to know them a little. It will show you what they looked like, and give you clues as to what they liked. It's surprising what you can guess from simply looking at a photo from the past.



While it's probably best not to hang on to photos of your ex, you should always keep family photos. Throw them away, and you may well regret not keeping them. You can't get them back once they're gone, so it's best to hang on to them. Otherwise if someone asks to see them you'll think 'if only I'd kept them!'



Old photos can be quite revealing (no, not in that way!). Since you only know your grandparents in their older years, it's interesting to look at photos and see them in their younger days. You'll be reminded that they had a life before you turned up, and see a side of them that you may not be aware of.



Family photos can be a surprising source of inspiration if you're into retro trends or vintage clothing. You might have a photo of your grandmother wearing a dress that you'd wear yourself - you can track down a similar style or make your own dress.

It's always wise to digitise your old family photos to preserve them; scan them or re-photograph them, and save them onto an external hard drive or cloud storage. And if you don't want old prints, pass them on to someone who does. If they're really old, consider donating them to a museum or local archive. What family mementos do you treasure, and what would you like to pass on to your own kids?

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I have loads of family photos! Really super old ones! It's a fantastic way to teach kids about our history!

You know when old photos are horrible... When you are trying to clean then see one you get distracted for three hrs!

It's hard to keep pictures - I have many - no one to pass them to. No request from any cousins. Pictures are of life - a lifes that were.

1Ms. Hood It's hard to keep pictures - I have many - no one to pass them to. No request from any cousins. Pictures are of life - a lifes that were. Add a comment or ask a question ...

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