7 Advantages of Living in the South V Life in the North ...


7 Advantages of Living in the South V Life in the North ...
7 Advantages of Living in the South V Life in the North ...

Living in the South is better, according to people who believe this to be true. While the northern part of the United States typically has more action and commotion, the South has its perks too. Most of the lower part of the country is a little slower, warmer, and quieter. There are plenty of aspects that make living in the South better than the North, and in this post we will cover some of those qualities.

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Better Weather

For the most part, the South is warmer than the North all year round. During the wintertime, the temperature usually drops, but it never leads to snowfall. The summer season in the southern states are hot and sweaty. However, I think most people rather be in the sun than to deal with the snow and sleet.


Soul Food is Good

Living in the South allows you to experience some tasty food. Pulled pork, smoked ribs, corn bread, and slow boiled collar greens are some of the most common signature foods eaten in the South. Home cooked delicious dishes from the South are usually referred to as "soul food"—especially in the black community. This type of food is supposedly made with a lot of love, and from the heart and soul of the cook.


Relaxing Vacation Sites

Southern states like Florida have some of the best vacation locales. Disney World and resorts in Miami attract a lot of northern people during the spring and summer seasons. Additionally, there are a lot of fun festivals and attractions in the South. For instance, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA attracts thousands of visitors each year. The South is definitely the place to be if you're looking for a relaxing beach or a nice vacation spot.


Spacious Land

The South is known for its vast landmass. If you're looking to build a house then this is the part of the country you should start looking at. Hunting is a great sport in the South too because of all the available forestland. Lastly, the South is a great location for expanding businesses. Business owners who want a fresh a start would do well here.


Faiths and Spirituality

The U.S. was built on the principles of Christianity. Yet, you can find this religion practiced more in the South compared to the North. Southern people tend to be extremely spiritual. You will find that people enjoy speaking openly about God or saying "God Bless." The South is very grounded in its faith and spiritual truths.


Southern Hospitality

There's no other place in the nation where you can find hospitable people like in southern states. There is a different feeling you get when you transition from the South to the North. Greeting strangers is not foreign to southerners. They are also very welcoming. However, the North is all about the hustle and bustle, and meeting a nice person who welcomes friendly conversation is rare. Civility and chivalry are definitely two things the South is good at keeping alive.


Cheaper Cost of Living

This is the best aspect of the South because everyone wants to be able to live comfortably within a reasonable budget. Northern areas—like D.C. or New York—are on the pricier side. Housing costs are more expensive up north. You can find a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house for nearly $900 a month in Georgia compared to a small apartment for the same price in New York City. If you want to live frugal, you may have to travel to the South.

Living in the South may or may not be the ideal place for you. Some love it ... others hate it. While I enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle, I also prefer warmer weather, beautiful beaches, and home cooked meals. So, I will forever be a southern gal. What are some cons about living in the South? What do you love most about this part of the country?

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West coast!!! Cali has really nice diverse groups of people and food :)

The south is not all it's cracked up to be. Smooth and sweet on the outside-a home grown southerner will gut you like a fish if given a chance. Been here 18 yrs and it never ceases to amaze me. But, you can't beat the weather.

Nothing better than the south. Roll Tide!

Texas is great

I also love the south too! Atlanta!

I love the land and the food is great!I live in the southern so this place is truly the place to be

snow can be a positive. it's not truly Christmas in my eyes without snow

We moved to savannah,ga about a year ago and I miss the snow of back home in Alaska


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