7 Reasons Not to Get a Puppy ...


Is there anything cuter than a weetle puppy? We think not! But as Erika mentions in her post, owning a puppy is a HUGE responsibility and one that is not for everyone. Read on and find out if you're fit to own one. Thanks Erika!

I love animals. Ever since I was a little girl I especially loved puppies. They are beyond cute and so clumsy! However, people get so blindsided by their cuteness that they tend to forget just how much work they are. Here are 7 reasons why not to get a puppy.

1. 24/7 Care

A puppy is like a baby. They need constant care! Puppies need to go out at least every two hours to do their "business" outside. Even once the dog is house broken, it still needs to go out every two hours and holding it in can be really bad for the pup. If you go to school or to work full time, this is one point you really need to consider.

Love and Affection
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