7 Reasons It is Great to Be a Bitch. ...


While some people look down upon bitches, there are some many reasons it is great to be a bitch. Being a bitch gives you so much freedom in life. In my opinion, women who are considered bitches have tons of great qualities that they should be proud of. So if you think you are a bitch, take pride in it and enjoy all of the many reasons it is great to be a bitch.

1. You Can Be Honest

Most of the time, if you are stating your mind without holding back, you are considered to be a bitch. If your friend asks if you think her dress makes her look fat and you say yes, you might seem bitchy but you are just being honest. That is one of the best reasons it is great to be a bitch, you can speak your mind and be honest without caring about the consequences.

You Are Confident
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