7 Reasons as to Why People Love Twitter like There's No Tomorrow ...


Do you ever wonder why people love Twitter? Well, Twitter is a way of catching up on the latest news, following your friends that you want to keep tabs on, and fostering the hash-tag phenomenon. The application is simple and is downloadable on your mobile device so that you can β€œstalk” your favorite celebs and see what your favorite companies have to offer. If you’re ever interested in going out and spending a night out on the town in New York City, for example, people, restaurants, and clubs are always promoting and sharing what they have planned for the upcoming week. They might share their special dishes, who’s performing, and so on and so forth. If you like it for the news, the celebs, or just to vent as you post, you can see why people love Twitter.

1. Simplicity

Twitter does one thing and does it well, which is why people love Twitter. Twitter is all about quick reads, not about extended discussion. It’s easy to scroll through and read top headlines or updates from your friends. Less is more. Twitter is the type of website that you are able to click through and figure it all out by yourself; no social media expert has to be hired to help you navigate. The simple sharing format allows for you to share the good, and the bad, about yourself, your business, and all other aspects of life.

Follow Your Favorite Celebs
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